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Because some of you asked for it, I'm revisiting yesterday's post with a proper slow-motion video capture of this manual typewriter's all-mechanical “power spacer” in action. 😎

It takes about five oscillations for this to get up to full deflection, before it settles into a rhythm.

This is easiest to see if you watch the double-riveted plate where the leaf spring is anchored, at right center, and the cylindrical weight at left center. The weight is in nearly continuous movement, but the plate pauses at the top and bottom of each stroke.

There's a time lag for the weight to catch up as it whips up and down—the anchor's motion ceases, but the weight continues to move, arcing the spring and holding the mechanism in place until it exhausts its energy, and the spring reverses the weight's direction. 🤔

The tiny time delay as the weight moves that extra distance momentarily holds the escapement in place at the top and bottom of each stroke, keeping the ratchet teeth engaged in the carriage. The carriage is only free to move when the mechanism is in mid-swing, so the weight's oscillation creates a stutter effect, letting the carriage walk just one notch at a time. 😀

If you were so inclined, a longer spring or heavier mass would let you slow this novelty feature down even further. It'd probably make for a fun grade school science fair project.

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Happy happy birthday to one of my best ratchet friends in the whole world!! Thank you for always being there for me and standing up for me!!! Hope 11 treats you well even though I'm an 9 days older!! Hehe!😁😁#bestiesforlife #ratchet
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I really really hate school and I need more videos for my page I'm tired of reusing the same videos

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