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#SonandPark Beauty water
#Cetaphil gentle cleanser
#Swanicoco 1st Essence **
#Klairs toner (2 skins)
#LeeGeeHaam hyal b5 toner **
#Swanicoco bitamin c toner **
#Klairs midnight blue cream
Hydrating my face well and building up barriers just because 😊
** PR gifted
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User Image teahoneybeauty Posted: Nov 18, 2017 2:34 AM (UTC)
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This year on IG, I've interacted with so many nice people & I thought I would do a few #followfriday posts to showcase my IG friends!
Ernestasia @sparklingwineandskin is one of the nicest, sweetest people on here & she just turned 30 years old so she is the first honoree! If you don't follow her, you are seriously missing out. She is thoughtful, honest & I trust all her recommendations! Not only does she offer routines, review & the skincare content we love, but also shares her travels ✈️ She's also super friendly!
Happy birthday @sparklingwineandskin 🎉 As someone in her thirties (ahem, I'm thirty-mumble as Titus Andromydon would say), trust that they're even better than your twenties! 💃
All 📸 from Ernestasia's wonderful feed!
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User Image glowmygoodness Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:26 AM (UTC)
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Day 18 of the #skinemmies2017 - oil .
. 💙💙 #sundayriley Luna oil will forever be the OG of face oils for me. It was the first face oil I purchased and really set the standard. Woke up with glowing skin and a bit less redness. Here I'm introducing it to my friend since she ran out of the UFO oil and she's been impressed too 🤗 .

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User Image val0r1e Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:39 PM (UTC)
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Sometimes in life you need to treat yourself. Yesterday I visited the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store in Gangnam for a facial treatment and it was amazing! I’ll share a blog post about it later on, but for now it’s time to shop! 🤩 Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! 🙃 #kbeautyblogger #kbeautyblog #bbloggerca
User Image romo_beauty Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:43 PM (UTC)
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I purchased the Kikumasamune high moist lotion during my vacay in Tokyo because it was so raved about online. The 500ml (that’s half a litre!) contains fermented sake to soften skin, hylauranic acid to moisturize, ceramides to lock in moisture, and arbutin and licorice to brighten the skin. The consistency is very watery with a slight milky appearance. It does have a faint smell that some say is like sake, but for me I think it smells like beer! My skin loves this stuff and drinks it up. This stuff is especially awesome after a good exfoliation or acid peel. I’ve decanted some of this to spray on my arms and legs during the summer time as a lightweight moisturizer too. The only thing I regret about all this is that I did not buy more of this brand during my visit, this gigantic bottle was less than $10CAD!
#japanskincare #japanesebeautyproducts #japanesetoner #kikumasamune #asianskincare #asianbeautyblogger #asianbeautyproducts #japanesesake #cosme #skincare #toner #moisturizer #rasianbeauty #rasianskincare
User Image ptitelady Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:22 PM (UTC)
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[REVIEW📝] Evercos Herbal Clinic Apricot Kernel Mask
1️⃣ Hydrates and soothes your skin
2️⃣ Brightens your skin
Notable ingredients:
1️⃣ Purified water
2️⃣ Chestnut extract
3️⃣ Job's tears extract
4️⃣ Witch hazel extract
5️⃣ Methylparaben (Some people will not like it as preservative 😬)
6️⃣ Fragrance (last ingredient)
Fit and scent:
When I took the mask out, it has a light floral scent more than a herbal scent to be really honest. It's not overpowering from beginning to end of the sheet mask session. As for the fit, the mouth area still needs a bit of work as usual but the mask fit fairly well for my small face. It actually covered half of my chin area as well 😂
Overall, it's a good hydrating mask. My skin definitely felt refreshed and hydrated afterwards. I was afraid the methyparaben would make my skin irritated so I only put it on for 15 minutes. Good thing it didn't affect my sensitive skin! Phew!
This retails for about $2.00 but I got this mask from @leftylovesbeauty 😘 Thank you boo ♥️
Lady is on the fence because I wish it didn't contain methyparaben. We need more research to confirm its harm to the skin though. Maybe their new packaged masks do not contain of it as I see it in the market right now.
Have you tried any Evercos masks? Or any hangbang masks? Any favorites? Let me know 💕
User Image moyendevivre Posted: Nov 17, 2017 8:51 PM (UTC)
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[ PR Mail ]
Few days ago, @purito_official kindly offered me some store credit to buy their products through @eopenmarket to review! So excited to try them, really thanks! 😄💖
_🐌 #Purito Snail Repair Advanced 91 Serum.
_🌊 #Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream.
_🍃 #NatureRepublic Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Tissue (5 sheets).
_🍳 #TonyMoly Egg Pore Nose Pack.
_🌀 #Purito Defense Barrier pH cleanser × 10.
_🐌 #Purito Snail Clearing BB Cream SPF38/PA +++
_🌿 #Purito Snail All In One BB Cleanser × 2.
_💦#Iope Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent Rich.
#haul #beautytester #Koreanproducts #Koreanbrand #producttester #sponsored #serum #cream #snail #samples #thanks #kbeautyaddict #beautycare #kbeauty #skincare #ABcommunity #beautycommunity #rasianskincare #rasianbeauty #picoftheday #photoday
Here is my #beautyhaul from the @clubclio_unionsquare @clubcliousa Grand Opening VIP preview event yesterday! I was super excited to see,feel and swatch all their new products for F/W 2017 including the @dermatory Line which is supposed to be great for sensitive skin! It was great bumping into some familiar faces- @peepingpomeranian and @caromalis! 💕💕
Check out my IG stories for my first ever (voice over) un-bagging! I hate the sound of my own voice so it was very hard for me... 😅 anyways ...
be sure to check out the #clubcliounionsquare Grand Opening today to score some awesome deals!-
•You can get 50% off all purchases from now until the end of the month! •. .
•The first 100 shoppers on 11/17/17 will receive a special mystery gift box valued at $300.00. (Go quickly, lie RUN because the lines were out the door earlier!) 🏃 🏃 🏃 .
•All purchases from 11/17 - 12/31 that meet or exceed $70.00 are automatically entered into their exclusive Club Clio Raffle: .
Raffle Prizes: .
•1st Prize: iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8 - 2 winners. .
•2nd Prize: Exclusive VVIP Gift Box, $300.00 value - 5 winners. .
•3rd Prize: Exclusive VIP Gift Box, $100.00 value - 10 winners .
•PLUS if you Sign up for a free Club Clio Membership you will receive your choice of one of the following limited edition kits: .
1. Goodal Moisture Barrier Kit .
2. Daily Youth Keratina Double Anti-Aging Kit. .
Who is going?! 🙌🙌
#peripera #goodal #dermatory #healingbird #pearlynight #clubclio #grandopening #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #rasianbeauty #rasianskincare #kskincare #beautyjunkie #makeupjunkie #makeuphaul #skincarehaul
User Image ___ofthedei Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:12 PM (UTC)
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▫️Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore perfect wine sparkling peeling pad▫️
This is my first time to use an exfoliating pad. I was only able to test this product for 2 days so I guess this is sort of like a first impression kind of review.
This product claims provide gentle but effective cleansing and exfoliating and is said to be suitable for all skin types. It also claims to brighten skin. With regular use, it can improve skin texture, too.
❤️ Very cute packaging. I really dig Elizavecca’s packaging art because of its effective way of telling the story behind the product.
❤️ Each pad is drenched with the essence. You can also see excess essence pooling at the bottom of the container.
❤️ The pad felt smooth on the face. I was scared the physical exfoliating action of the pad would feel harsh on my skin but it didn’t.
❤️ The product seems gentle. No burning sensation and no irritations. Face didn’t feel “raw” after using this exfoliating pad.
❤️ A slight brightening can be noticed after using the product
💔 Was expecting this to smell like legit red wine but it doesn’t. Instead, the scent was sweet in general.
💔 Not a fan of the colored essence. When I cleansed my skin the next morning with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water, the cotton turned pink.
🍷 A tweezer was included with the product which you use to pick out the pads from the container.
🍷 You can see the pad turn white on areas that has touched your face. While you can definitely see some dirt on it, I’m not really convinced that the white stuff is dead skin (according to what I’ve read, its dead skin). I tried lightly passing an object on it and it turned white, too.🤷🏽‍♀️
RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨
DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for free by @0.8L_usa and Elizavecca in exchange for my honest thoughts about it. Thank you for the opportunity!
#elizavecca #winepeelingpad #perfectwine #hellporepad #peelingpad #08L
🐼☃️ S K I N C A R E R O U T I N E ☃️🐼
#leegeehaam Dr's Care Blue One (acne treatment)
#swanicoco multi solution triple v ampoule
#seanicoco Dr. Syul 2GF bio mix mask pack
#neulii snail-bee anti wrinkle serum
#purito deep sea pure water cream

#kbeauty #korean #koreanbeauty #koreanmakeup #makeup #cosmetics #bblogger #review #kbeautyblogger
User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 5:14 PM (UTC)
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Sheetmasks @clubclio_unionsquare !! Boy the pimple patches were a HIT!!
User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 5:11 PM (UTC)
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User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 5:06 PM (UTC)
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The new Pearly Night line!! Everything is so shimmery and cute!!
User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 5:04 PM (UTC)
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The new Clio Rouge line!!
User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 5:00 PM (UTC)
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User Image belifusa Posted: Nov 17, 2017 4:17 PM (UTC)
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Our favorite thing about the dropping temperatures is that it's the perfect excuse to stay in and mask. If you love Aqua bomb, you HAVE to try our Aqua bomb sheet mask! It's saturated in the same Aqua bomb formula that we're obsessed with.
❣️Flash Giveaway Alert: I have collaborated with @anithasridharmakeup to give you a chance to win @shangpree marine energy eye mask and @heimish_korea all clean balm. Here is what you have to do to enter the giveaway:
1. Follow me 💁🏻(@theglowgazette ) and @anithasridharmakeup
2. Tag 3 friends on the same picture posted on @anithasridharmakeup ’s account
That’s it. As simple as that 😊Giveaway valid only until 19th November, Sunday 10 pm IST and restricted only to Indian residents!
Don’t be rude and unfollow after Giveaway 😃
Good luck 💖
User Image myabaddiction Posted: Nov 17, 2017 3:10 PM (UTC)
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50% off everything!! And bonus hot guy that works there.
User Image seoulbeaute Posted: Nov 17, 2017 3:09 PM (UTC)
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3D Face and body roller Massagers .
-Skin tightening
-lifting effect
-breasting enlarging .
With new kneading technology
Rotation in 360 degrees motion
3D roller design andcurved handle
It can be adjusted according to different massage place
PT double roller:With PT plating for the sensitivity skin,relieve sensitivity skin
with MICRO CURRENT Rolling more smoothness.
#massage #3d #roller #MadeinKorea #마스크팩 #마스크시트 #화장품 #뷰티 #뷰스타그램 #케이스타일즈#아름다움 #beautycosmetic #미용화장품 #화장품
#cosmetic #피부관리 #koreanskincare #모이스처라이저 #moisturiser #maskpack #masksheet #kbeauty #아름다움 #kbeautyaddict #asianskincare #asianbeauty #rasianskincare #cosmetic #koreancosmetics #kstyles #beauty
User Image aleksebeauty Posted: Nov 17, 2017 1:37 PM (UTC)
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So here's a little update on the acne situation, sorry for the difference in colour, must be something up with the colour balance of my camera and the lighting.
Both were taken in natural light with a dslr camera, and as you might see there's quite a difference.
I don't have pimples anymore! (Now that's not any topical ointment or lotion or potions achievement, that's most likely due to me finally getting off corticosteroids)
But my PIE has also improved loads! Might be hard to see in these pics, I do admit that. But man am I happy.
It's been ages since my last proper painful breakout.
This is a mess of a post, I know. But it's okay. YOU'LL LIVE
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