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User Image wwebankrollins Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:16 AM (UTC)

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User Image wwenetworkcenter Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:12 AM (UTC)

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theigwc 29m ago
IGWC News 12/13/17
Earlier today @jokerwrestling responded to a post made by @slammyzs “confessing” that he/she was happy that Joker and IWL left roleplay because they were “trash” and said that now that they’ve been “recycled” they are thinking of starting a league. Joker responded by saying “LMFAOOOOOOO y’all really some pure haters like damn sis talking behind a confessional page LMFAO how said y’all lives must be 💀” basically saying that they have no lives because he/she is “confessing” her opinion on a page where they make confessions. No other word yet on the situation.
@heelsmarks_ seems to be in a heated situation with some haters as he’s defending him and his friends saying someone broke his friends heart and that they talk shit about their friends. He also went on to say the haters created a “your girls cheating on you” account and that he already knows who they are and that they ain’t slick.
@heelturn_ has made a pretty valid statement saying “ if WWE pushes you, you’re overrated and if you make your debut on the main roster and that if they don’t make you a main event champion, especially if you come from NJPW, you’re underrated”. He went on to say that the mentality is far worse for wrestling and that it’s only WWE that gets heat. As a news reporter, I do agree with him.
@fxde2blxck made a message regarding online dating and said that it doesn’t matter if you’re dating online or offline, love is love and friendship is friendship. Basically saying anyone could date online or offline as long as they’re happy.
@igwcnews already has announce an Instagrammys, IGWC Hall of Fame, and now has announced a “Summer Fest” for the IGWC on next years Independence Day. Basically another awards show.
And that’s it for the news today. Today has been a short news day and they’re has been a news shortage going on the past few days but we’ll still try and post as much news as we can to keep you all updated around here in this community. Remember, if you have any news regarding the IGWC, you can always let me know through DMs. Have a good rest of the day everybody!
User Image broman_reigns Posted: Dec 14, 2017 1:55 AM (UTC)

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