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There was a chair waiting for me in the middle of nowhere 🤷🏻‍♀️
I came across a lookout point on my road trip in Croatia and walked to the edge of the cliff only to find a chair. It stood there in the fierce ocean wind that almost blew me and my dress (ahem) away. I wonder where it came from? Well, I don't know what your story is dear chair but you sure became part of mine by giving me this lovely memory 😊
#suprisemoments #randomchair #inthemiddleofnowhere #travelmemories
You know how eyes are the windows the soul? Well. I realized that my windows don't know how to read other windows. Or maybe my soul has been too preoccupied to peer through it's window and look into another soul. On second thought maybe all souls in general are in hiding. Maybe they feel neglected. Maybe that's why I don't know how to read eyes. Or maybe it's because I don't look people in the eye.
A theme you say , maybe
Random girls in random chairs in random places 🤘

@taanyarh #photographybydavid #sony #chair #randomchair #theme
eircs 1w ago
One half of the basement is complete! Roomie will be just as happy as I am the drums are finally in! @_jillheadrick #sorrynotsorry #drums #randomchair #cdcollection

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