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During a video chat, my sweetheart snapped this picture of me & he was saying how pretty were my eyes, especially against this blue cup (I was chugging my Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey + Water "tonic" I type this, I'm drinking said tonic out of this same cup.
Side note: It is so sweet & wonderful to be loved in such a way that my boyfriend sees the beauty in the me gulping ACV out of a random blue cup. 💙

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August last year we had our 20 week scan which revealed most importantly a beautiful healthy baby but also that it was a beautiful baby BOY 💙💙🎉 From the minute I fell pregnant I just had the strongest feeling I was carrying a boy! I just somehow knew!! Did you feel like you knew the sex of your baby before you were told? Along with that day being amazing enough finding out the babies sex it was also the first time my Husband Felt the baby kick for the first time!! Tears rolling down my face as the 2 most important people to me finally connected for the first time! 😭❤️😭 Oh my heart!! After the scan the baby became so much more active kicking so much during the day and the night!
Around these weeks I noticed a slight hankering for Praise mayo haha? #random Around this time I also felt my intuition was at an all time high!! Vivid dreams of family members who have passed and visions of my family members unborn baby (seeing a little girl when they didn't yet know what they were having.. I was right💕) I was lucky enough to have a friend who was a student midwife follow me through my pregnancy journey!! I cannot recommend one enough! I got to help her fill her quota of pregnancies to follow and in return got a female to follow me through all my appointments and have someone I could text with minor questions and queries! It was amazing to have her with me!! Around 22 weeks experienced some stretching pains, feeling the muscles and skin start to slowly stretch along with sharp wind pains in my ribs. Hit a tiny slump of energy here and got breathless quite fast at work! The next 3 weeks were great! Heaps of energy and bounce! Weeks 26-27 I started to feel really uncomfortable having Heaps of stretching pains again! I remember that was the week I started to have trouble tying my work boot shoe laces and bending over 😂😂.
Also the week I noticed Clear sticky fluid coming out of nipples (colostrum), my belly starting to itch from stretching and feeling my beautiful little babies hiccups! (Which by the way he got so often😂)
#BathroomChronicles 😂 big daddy and lil mama are like twins. They do things the same 😍💋❤️ #HisMiniMe #Random #lovemyfamily
When you’re learning French and apparently Steve Irwin has something to do with fish and bread... 😳
Bunny ears to match Anry's "Ling" outfit! 🌸🐇 #imvu #sijoimvu #imvuphotography #aesthetic #imvumodeling #sexy #bunny #bun #imvuoutfit #cute #memes #random #screenshot
Bunny ears to match Anry's "Ling" outfit! 🌸🐇 #imvu #sijoimvu #imvuphotography #aesthetic #imvumodeling #sexy #bunny #bun #imvuoutfit #cute #memes #random #screenshot
Bunny ears to match Anry's "Ling" outfit! 🌸🐇 #imvu #sijoimvu #imvuphotography #aesthetic #imvumodeling #sexy #bunny #bun #imvuoutfit #cute #memes #random #screenshot

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