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Looking back at this year, and this has to be one of my favorite photos from 2017💗
User Image pvpchamber Posted: Dec 12, 2017 2:15 PM (UTC)
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Good morning Palos Verdes! ☀️ Have a wonderful day!
User Image xtine.amp Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:41 PM (UTC)
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Blessed to be able to see a beautiful sunset like this on any random day #luckyweliveinla #ranchopalosverdes #hiking #sunset #nofilter #naturalbeauty
When wonderful people land in a fabulous new place and invite you to be a part of it, an unidentified hand on your ass during the group sunset photo only makes it more special. Oh wait...that's MY hand.#ranchopalosverdes #daydrinking #aintnopartylikeawestcoastparty
User Image mlnfike Posted: Dec 12, 2017 4:57 AM (UTC)

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Found an "Endless Summer" sunset tonight in honor of @brucebrownfilms ' passing. Showing LG the ocean as often as I can hoping he'll love it like his mama. 🏄🌊🤙 🐋🐬🐡
#brucebrown #ripbrucebrown #endlesssummer #sunset #ranchopalosverdes #socal #goodnightworld #californiamama #toddlersofinstagram
I absolutely love this reclaimed barnwood backdrop in my studio. A few months ago, this wood replaced a fake barnwood backdrop and I feel like the difference is so dramatic. I just absolutely love the character and texture of real wood!
Night time detail. Washed, clayed, and angelwax unicorn past wax. Rims cleaned and spray sealed. Wheel wells and tires cleaned and dressed. Complete interior cleaned. Windows clayed and sealed.
These flowers made for gorgeous aisle decor. So pretty & unique! Anyone know what they’re called?
User Image _kelseyseidel Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:26 AM (UTC)

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My new activity while I nurse the babes- going through my wedding pictures! Pregnant, starving, heels felt like they were stabbing my feet, cold, the rain was ruining my hair...but nothing could prevent me from smiling at my Mr to my new Mrs title. #happyheart #weddingday #reminicing #ranchopalosverdes #lovehim #elopement @joshseidel214 @ashleypaigephoto @beautybybonbon

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