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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a runway model - a PMAP runway model at that.
Beginning my modeling career, I was considered short and back then, having the "hips like a beauty queen," I was never the skinny waif designers wanted.
But that didn't discourage me.
I knew I had more to offer than just my body measurements: I could talk, I could move onstage and there were brands that needed more than just a face - a voice.
To become a member of @PMAP_Models was like earning a trophy & armor of protection that revolutionized the industry unlike any other.
We always found a way to make each other feel there is room for everyone to work, to excel and to be celebrated.
Thank you PMAP for helping me get to where I am today 🙏🏼
First photo was taken backstage during PMAP's 20th anniversary show. And here we are at 30 🙌🏼
Stop muna sa kado dot2x sa pagvote sa MTVEMA update Lang me saglit...
Ok pa sa Alright Basta wOw na wOw.Nakakatuwa naman baby girl Nadine at tito nyang si LesleyMobo ay magkakasama sila sa MEGA FASHION🙌😍😍.. .
Caption 👉 7 Mega Fashion Films. 6 Global Designers. One MEGA Fashion Week. This October. #MegaFashionWeekSS18 #McLisse #RajoLaurel #JanellaSalvador #FrancisLibiran #GabbiGarcia #MarkBumgarner #MajaSalvador #PueyQuinones #NadineLustre #JohnHerrera #JohnLloydCruz #KathrynBernardo #LesleyMobo #MakingMegaReunion ©archiecarrasco
@kamillefiloteox wearing Lily ear climber earrings 🌟
Gown by #RajoLaurel 🌟
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Kathryn Bernardo covers the October issue of Mega Magazine in #rajolaurel.
@bernardokath 😍👑👏🔥💕