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Thanks to all the people ingzging with us almost 1000 engagements this week...
The most beautiful autumn Saturday 🍁🌾🌞 I am grateful. I'm grateful for the flowers on my altar, and the wind-chimes that cast little rainbows all over my walls in the afternoon. I am grateful to be alive, to have the day, and to be able bodied, loved, and able to love. I have struggled with gratitude for a long time, associating it with vulnerability. To be thankful was to be okay, to be happy, and that meant leaving the door open to loose and to be hurt. It's taken me years, but there is real love and trust in my life now, and so much of it radiates from within me. I hope we all find the time to count our blessings today, as the old year leaves us and Samhain takes us into a new birth, into darkness to step into light in the spring. #witch #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #windchimess🔮 #rainbows #altar #witchsaltar #spiritualgrowth #goddessdanu #divinity #flowes #samhain #selflove #selfcare

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