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So I have a few thoughts, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments. Last week I saw a glimpse of what I think Downing is trying to accomplish mixed with what we should've been doing in the first place. We had quick release plays that kept the ball moving and at the same time took shots when they were there. I still think our O-line is playing a bit sloppy which makes our run game a bit weak. Richard needs more touches. Our offense looked like the true Raiders on Thursday and that's what was expected since the beginning. I've never lost faith in this team and I don't think any real fan should. Our corners are still a problem but, especially with the addition of Bowman, things will lighten up. As soon as Obi and Conley are back there stuff will get better. I see us winning quite a bit from here on out, no way we'll be last in our division, not a chance. RAIDERRRRRRRS 💀💀💀💀 #oakland #vegas #raiders #sincity #theblackhole #silverandblack #justwinbaby #afcwest #realmenwearblack #raiderettes #raiderettesdoitbetter #afcwest #nfl #derekcarr #amaricooper #beastmode