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RaeLynn vibes on this Friday night 🤘 Tickets are still available for @driftwoodfest Phoenix • grab a pair now at! #Driftwood #BootsOnStage #RaeLynn @raelynnofficial
"Q : Why do I love RAELYNN ?
A : She's Amazingly cute, Gorgeous, so kind and PERFECT! but that's not why I love her, I love RaeLynn because she's being her self, I love her so much because she's so nice with all of her fans 😭💓💓 Raelynn is unique! so many famous people is through in drama but not for this Amazing girl, SO, THE REASON I LOVE HER IS SHE ALWAYS BEING HER SELF♡ AND SHE ALWAYS CAN MAKE ME HAPPY, HER SMILE BRIGHTNESS MY DAY💘

I'm here to support her, I came to this fandom 7 months ago and she is my everything, I won't give up!, i will show her that I’m always supporting her no matter what💓

Hope we can someday get to meet! Because my gray world with no hugs from you... will become a light life all calmed because I met finally the only person I smile a lot for!
I would do anything for u...I honestly could spent an entire year explaining why I'm never leaving this girl! I live for u
I defend u
I adore u
And hope you know that💕
You're my idol, an my everything, you have inspired me to never give up and you've make me feel like a special person,
Youre so loved and remember to never give up on all your dreams! You'll get them all i promise just never give up, remember that!
And hope you know that💕
And hope i can get to talk to u at least one more time. like rrly hope that!💗
And my goal for next year is to meet you and tell you how much I love you
But ya I honestly love u a lot
Like omg I have no words to explain it...
I love always waking up and seeing u on my lock screen with your husband @josh_davis_18
You Always lights up my day
You've teach me how to do alot of things and u have made me be comfortable and you've make me be happy in my life and you've make me stay who I am, because you've told me I'm perfect this way.
Really if you could know all I do for u... woah
I hope we can get to talk at least 1 time just once ahh♥️
You're my idol number one and will be until the last day I’m on earth—Jeanna♥️✨" @raelynnofficial #raelynn
🎶’Cause boy you said, "Let's take a break"
In the front seat of your Jeep
So if you got more to say
Leave a message at the beep
I used to be your "6 a.m
Hey good morning
Beautiful, how you been?"🎶 #raelynn #lonelycall #niners #sanfrancisco #midnightnumber #ink #girlswithtattoos
Today I became a momma to these two beauts<3 I'm in love. #firsttimepetowner #raelynn #keisha
Yesterday was pretty great. Between getting lost and ending up in Oklahoma and the best concert I have ever seen, it was a day for the books. #coleswindell #raelynn #8hourtripwasfun #theyputonashow #wehadablast