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A project which was initially and originally conceputalized as a one-day seminar which later caused the long-term partnership of PUP College of Arts and Letters and Rotary Club of Holy Spirit and had 2 installments already just got awarded as the 1st Place in the All Star Professional Service Projects competition category of the recent District 3780 Rotaract Assembly! 😄👍💗 Extremely thankful to all the organizers and participants who have made part in making this feat possible. Special mention to Dr. Evangelina S. Seril and Prof. Rolando P. Quiñones of PUP College of Arts and Letters and PP Angelita Castro, PP Marcia Salvador, and TGP Ric Salvador for their collaborative effort and for helping us in making this project a reality. Here's a hope for more successful and productive projects between PUP-CAL and RCHS/RACHS in the future!!! ☺💗👍 #AllStarYear #TheGreatYear #rotaract #RACHS #RotaryServingHumanity