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I think every day Im going to start posting what Ive eaten for the day. It'll be a way to help me realize how little my 600 max cal restriction actually is. Who knows, maybe it will push me towards recovery? I ate so much today I actually feel full (-ish). Which, of course, is always a good thing. Im going out of state for a few days tomorrow and when me and my family stay at the beach we always go to a buffet. Last summer when we had gone I wasnt in a relapse with my ED so having to think about having (technically) never ending food splayed out infront of me is very nerve wracking. Its a seafood place so there wont be too many high calorie choices there. Well aside from the dessert cart. I might up my intake and go for two long walks and then do some yoga afterwards. Or just eat slowly so I don't stuff myself or eat until Im sick.
Im going to get one or two crab legs, two hush puppies, and maybe half a slice of cake. Hoping I can keep it to only that. Last thing I want is to get sick or insanely guilty.
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Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I was kind of upset. I binged and purged again but it was different. I accidently scratched the back of my throat and was bleeding and I was in a lot of pain. Today, I binged again but I didn't want to purge again incase I hurt my throat even more so my solution is I'm going to fast for 17 hours and eat 105 calories for lunch tomorrow which is when I'll be breaking my fast (12:45 pm). ⭕check my story and vote on the poll if you haven't already⭕
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