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In case you were wondering how I feel about your opinions. Also, weren’t you the kid that claimed they were Dominican back in the day when it wasn’t “cool enough” to own your non-Caribbean Latino roots, only to FINALLY have pride in being Colombian or Ecuadorian ten years later? Stfu with your internalized racism. At least I’ve NEVER pretended I was “part-ANYTHING.” #proudpinoy #filipinoamerican #aliennation #youwannahavebutyoudonthaveabrain
📸: @Carloscchacon
You've got to be willing to sacrifice a lot of things you don't want to lose to be your best
QOTD: What trait would you like people to know about you the most?
I want people to know, I'm obsessed with improvement, that I'm a hard worker, that I'm always out there giving it my all when it's something I genuinely enjoy. I want everyone to know that I push myself to the brink just to set myself apart from everyone else. I wanna show the difference between the good and the great
What about you?
Next up is One Oasis in Ortigas Extension, Pasig City! 🎉 #swipe⬅️ #swipeleft
Reservation is P20,000
PROMO: 5% Down to move in! .

Ready for Occupancy units:
- Studio (20 - 22sqm)
- One Bedroom (1BR) (28 - 35sqm)
- 2BR (30 - 42sqm)
- 3BR (57sqm)
- Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) (22 - 89sqm) .
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Open house tomorrow, Oct 21, 1pm to 7pm. Join us in our Food Park theme open house for you, your family and friends.

RSVP today to avail of discounts tmro when you reserve a unit. .

Sample unit pricing:
1 Bedroom: P3M
2 Bedroom: P4.7M
3 Bedroom: P6.2M

Other pricing and payment terms vailable.
For any inquiries: .
📲 Sun/Viber: 0932 1800 937
📞 Globe: 0917 768 8444
"Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y tagumpay na nagniningning." 🎶
Tapos na ang laban!
Tayo ang nagwagi.
Salamat sa mga matatapang,
Sa Diyos ang pagluwalhati! .
The soldiers have done so well. Many have sacrificed their lives for the nation but we still have lives to celebrate! Nakauwi na ang mga natirang sundalo! Let's work hand in hand in rebuilding the precious city of Marawi. Now that divisions were conquered, Philippines finally has its reason to get united! Marawi is not just Marawi, it belongs to each and every Filipino. #Godwillrestore #bangonMarawi #MarawiCity #noretreatnosurrender #Godisourbanner #OnePhilippines #OneNation #celebratevictory #victoriouswarriors #wefilipinos #proudpinoy #rebuildingmarawi #vscocam #vscocamph #instagrammers #instagood #feelfreefeed .
(The photo was taken in the kapitolyo of Laguna last December 7, 2016 when I was submitting documents for SHS application requirements of my previous school where I was working.)

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