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Another amazing weekend at the shop... cherry on top - Hosting another special event. Congratulations to Allie and her babe on the way!! 👶🏼🍼
Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.! They celebrated their rehearsal dinner at Erie Brewing Co. (@pubandpie) on Friday evening and came back Saturday to take a few wedding photos! 👰🏽💍

Cheers to the new husband and wife! 🍻
Cheers to Amy & Josh, all the happiness in the world to you! 💗 I love bringing a little extra dash of sparkle to joyful occasions. #happilyeverafter
October 28th - The Orisha Red Party - Haute Cuisine And West African Vibes - Class / Art / Food / Wisdom / Coexistence / Style / History / Expression - Wrapped in A Private Party - "Guest Must wear Red And Hint Of Gold" - The Red Party - An Artistic Edible Experience w/ 5th Courses - October 28th - Private Limited Seat Party - 100$ - organic & heirloom Menu - #october #private #party #privateparty #dinner #supperclub #supper #club #popupsupperclub #exclusive #event #shango #chango #changopower #redparty #baltimorepopup #baltimoresupperclub #privatesupperclub #abuklan #westafricanamericanhautecuisine #cuisine #africa #america #highcooking #edibleexcellence Orchid Mantis SupperClub presents. The Red Party Chango Five Course Service A La Russe October 28th, 2017 First Course - // Quinoa & Sprouted Wild Rice Vegetable Sushi / Chicken Tempura / Purple Oregano / White Wasabi Sauce / Beach Grown Honeysuckles // - Second Course - // Pinko Pan Fried Scallops / Blueberry Kale Salad / Italian Lemon Oil / Breaded String Beans / Lemon Verbena / Kala Namak / Aged Lemon Balm / Yellow Sauce // - Third Course - // Grilled Lamb Chop / Baked Coconut Mushroom Cheese Stuffed Pepper Dew Olive Skewers / Butterfly Pea Flower Blue Potato Salad / White Pepper Dusted Borage / Wild Radish Sprouts // - Fourth Course - // Cheesy Spinach Baked Vegan Macaroni / Jumbo Lump Crab Cake / Candy Collard Greens / Nasturtium Leaves / Marigolds / Violets // Fifth Course - // Strawberry Almond Ice Cream / Strawberry Coconut Milk Cornbread /Salted Strawberry Preserves / Saffron Coconut Whip Cream / Rose Dust Agave / Stevia Leaves / Holy Basil / Baked Chocolate Mint Dust //
Had so much fun dancing and laughing the night away with my beautiful family last night ❣️💃🏽🍻😘 #privateparty #cousinlove #halloweenfestivities
Happy Sunday, friends ☀️ keep your noggin warm and looking SUPA cute with our newest Mila hats 🙌

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