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User Image Posted: Oct 15, 2017 9:29 AM (UTC)
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Being single or having a full time job doesn’t mean you can’t eat really well. You do need to think ahead as not everything will keep for long enough for you to get around to using it. Also, we don’t always feel like cooking a full meal after working all day so I tend to do a big cook up on a Sunday and freeze a bunch of stuff so I eat healthy food during the week. This is my newest addition to the pre-cook menu. Chicken souvlaki with marinated haloumi and a Greek salad as well as some home made tzatziki which is a great addition to any Greek dish, chicken dish, lamb roast etc. chicken Souvlaki is fresh, healthy and delicious! Because I can never finish all of it in one go, I usually saved this for when I have guests but then I though, wait a minute, why not prepare a batch and freeze the rest for another time? Today I did a double batch which will give me 4 meals. If somebody decides to crash your souvlaki feast, add a couple of good quality lamb sausages to the pan. Amazing! All I need to do is defrost, whip up a fresh salad and cook your chicken and haloumi. 5 mins is all it takes. Even the prep is easy and super quick! Side note, once I take the chicken out of the marinade, I throw the haloumi in for a few mins. I’m saving the recipe for what would Dee do website... making this promise will force me to finally get some content up there! #whatwoulddeedo #homecooked #precooked #preprepped #diy #healthyoptions #souvlaki #haloumi #cookingwithgas #kitchenday #greek #makeityourdamnself #creativesunite
User Image janine_janine Posted: Sep 27, 2017 12:39 PM (UTC)
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Went to Clubbercise tonight so it was a late dinner for me. This is where my ready made salads in the fridge come in really handy! Just added pulled turkey, boiled egg, cheese triangle, 15g cheddar, 10g crispy onion bits, mango and a little dressing. 10sp all up and took me 2 mins from fridge to the bowl 😊 #winning #salad#turkey#pulledturkey#colourful#foodporn#mango#healthyfood#healthyeating#healthyliving#healthylifestyle#healthydinner#premade#preprepped#easyas#sp#smartpoints#ww#weightwatchers#myweightlossjourney
Shop bought options 👍🏼 Although I'm big on the food prep sometimes you don't have time, or don't have much food in to prep, or you can't actually be bothered because life gets in the way. At times like that, I find options like this pretty good! This is the @pretamangeruk smokey bean and egg pot. Not overly big (this was actually a snack for me as opposed to a breakfast) but really tasty and satisfying.
There was a time when I could never have eaten this- not prepared my me, therefore full of hidden dangers!! It's from a chain so probably full of processed things, unweighed things and loads of other baaaaad things. Obviously this isn't the case at all but that's what your anorexic mind tells you. Shop bought food scared me, infact most food scared me 😂 carrots, tomatoes, don't even mention actual white sugar and white carbs! Thankfully I got over that, slowly, veeeeery slowly but slow and steady wins the race I guess

#protein #carbs #unprepped #pret #breakfast #eggs #pretpot #foodprep #foodonthego #dinner #preprepped #fitness #training #nutrition #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthymind #healthybody #ed #eatingdisorder #anorexia #bulimia #recovery
User Image backwoodsvitality Posted: Sep 12, 2017 7:33 PM (UTC)
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I have to admit that, as a #busymama of three, I sometimes get so involved with taking care of everyone else that I forget to take care of me. 😕🙈 Case in point... #lunchtime I find that this is the meal I most often am apt to overlook for one of two reasons:
1) The older kids are all in school and the husband is at work so I am #cookingforone and not responsible at the moment for anyone else
2) The baby naps around this time which means it's my chance to #crameverythingin that needs to get done... you know... like the sky high pile of laundry, work for my home business, and tasks that are otherwise difficult with another human being latched around my ankle 😂
I also realize, however, that if I don't take care of myself I won't be any good to anyone else because I will be pushed #beyondmylimits and not able to function and be #efficient
My solution is to keep #easy #healthy #preprepped stuff on hand so that I can get in, get out, and get back to my to do list. Like this yogurt bowl here 👆🏼 It's made with Nancy's Organic Low Fat yogurt, Kind Maple and Quinoa granola (#glutenfree), Organic Strawberry 🍓 Preserves, Banana 🍌 , and Blueberries. It only boasts around 320 calories so it won't wreck the hard work I put in to my morning workout. But it also packs essential vitamins and nutrients I need to stay going strong. 💪🏼 WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BUSY MAMA LUNCHES?
User Image clementineserrell_pt Posted: Aug 24, 2017 5:09 PM (UTC)
11 Mayfair
Annnnd sometimes you don't prep 😂

If you saw my insta stories yesterday you'll know I met my dad in Chiswick after work- it was actually the most random thing I think I've ever witnessed but all will be clear come Christmas 😂😬 I thought we were getting food but he couldn't leave the studio so I got something from good old M & S. They had a looooad of reduced sandwiches and I knew I was a bit down on carbs so grabbed this. I also got a mini pot of prawns and calamari as that was only 90p too and I wanted to up the protein a bit. So basically £1.80 for a sarnie and a side- not bad. Calorie/macro wise, not 'bad' either. I'll admit the veg aspect was a bit below par but on average I eat A LOT of veg so didn't worry too much about that.

If you've follow me for a while you'll know it took me an AGE to eat a sandwich again post ED. It was only about a year ago that I managed it, to me sandwiches were super scary- bread, lots of cals for not much, no veggies etc. Now I'm not so strict. Why is a sandwich 'bad?' It's not, but it's just realising that. If you feel scared by foods, break it down- this had carbs from the bread, protein from the chicken and fat from the mayo. Yes here may have been better choices but I needed something easy to eat and it was 90 freakin pence!

#protein #carbs #unprepped #sandwich #m&s #christmassingle 😂 #foodprep #foodonthego #dinner #preprepped #fitness #training #nutrition #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthymind #healthybody #ed #eatingdisorder #anorexia #bulimia #recovery
User Image hunterp Posted: Aug 22, 2017 1:14 AM (UTC)
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Them copywriters done set me off.....
User Image julieblue24 Posted: Aug 14, 2017 5:46 PM (UTC)
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Farmers Market Zucchini, Plum Tomatoes, EVOO and Garlic. Zucchini Very thinly sliced on mandolin sautéed up with some onion and garlic with a few plum tomatoes thrown in. #preprepped #sidedishes #veggies #farmersmarket #summerveggies
Grab and go lunch prep. On the left; roasted corn, poblano peppers, cilantro, tomatoes and barley on the right; orzo, left over roast chicken, veggies. Both with olive oil and lemon. #yum #healthyliving #healthyliving #preprepped #lunch #readymeals #realfood #blessed
User Image fitnessoutcomes Posted: Jul 22, 2017 5:58 AM (UTC)
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Grass Fed Beef Meatballs in Napoli Sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? What if I told you it was also low calorie & high protein? 💦🍝❤️ Get it now:
User Image theunorthodoxwife Posted: Jul 11, 2017 9:11 PM (UTC)
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Breaking another 20hr fast with a pre prepared meal from HEB.
Italian Style Spaghetti Squash.
Hubster had one too and I took his black olives b/c he's not a big fan of them... #MoreForMe!
We did our final walk through today & will be closing Friday #AboutDamnTime and I'm so excited.
#QuickMeal #PrePrepped #HEB #SpaghettiSquash #ItalianStyle #LowCarb #LowCarbLifestyle #Under20Carbs #LCHF #ForkYeah #InstaFoodie #Atkins #ButDidYouDie #CarbDetox #DontBlameTheButterForWhatTheBreadDid #EasyOnTheCarbs #HoldTheCarbs #Foodie #GoodEats #NomNom #OneMealDay #IntermittentFasting #IF #20HrFast #GrainFree #GlutenFree #WOE
User Image lovemykettlebells Posted: Jul 6, 2017 7:33 PM (UTC)
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Today's salad...ummm yum!! #preprepped Korean style BBQ beef, avocado slices, 1/4 of an apple cut into chunks, banana peppers, sliced almonds for some crunch topped off with a fabulous aged balsamic for the win! #love #summerfood #salad #foodpics

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