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The #MilitaryLendingAct (MLA) protects #Servicemembers and #militaryfamilies from predatory lending practices. As of today, all loan products, including credit cards, must comply with the MLA. Learn more about the #MLA and your rights from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). #military #milfamily #militaryfamily #militaryspouse #predatorylending #consumerprotection #CFPB #creditcard #interestrates
An ad for these predatory lenders known as @liftcredit just came across my feed on Facebook. I'm not sure how to feel about this since such ads are part of a targeted algorithm. I laughed pretty hard at this piece of their advertising campaign. "Lift Credit offers killer APRs and declining rates." Killer is right. I almost died gasping at such outrageous charges. It kinda makes you want to punch the faces of the people that own and operate this place. Dirty crooks and human garbage. But I digress. Rant over. Carry on.
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Really? It’s called being overwhelmed by debt from before they are even adults. How do you recover from that without acknowledgement of the problem by those who have created a whole new dimension of impoverishment (i.e., profiteers that have been allowed to leach off of the educational system in the form of predatory lending)? #studentloans #debt #lowpay #predatorylending #bloomberg #clueless
"Payday Loans"...a ubiquitous sign all over the country. They have come under scrutiny the exorbitant interest rates, as high as 400%, they charge and for focusing on people who are most vulnerable to the challenges to repaying a "short term" loan. Like grizzly bears in a river full of salmon was one description of the concentration of payday lenders who have set up shop outside military bases. The situations that service members and their families find themselves in financially put them at great risk of turning to payday loan "sharks" for short term debt relief, only to have to renegotiate new loans to pay off the original loan. Congress intervened a dozen years ago, enacting laws that capped interest rates to military members at 36%; the lenders have found loopholes in the laws leading to creative financing, resulting in service members being among the most indebted societal sub-groups indebted to payday lenders. #paydayloans #paydaylenders #exorbitantinterestrates #predatorylending #militarypersonnel #militarydependents #400%interestrates #debtors
#kennyrosschevy we are already in debt with our #kennyrosssubaru. Plus I'm not sure how this is #creditrecovery when you want to put us into deeper debt. #predatory #stealmymoney #predatorylending
Thirty-two percent of people who use payday loans do so due to overdrafting their bank accounts. Avoid relying on predatory lending practices like these by enrolling in Naheola's overdraft protection today! #overdraft #overdraftprotection #paydayloans #predatorylending #services #creditunionservices #creditunion #ncu #naheola #naheolacreditunion #simple
On the job!! Today we'll be voting to support Governor Roy Cooper on the bills he vetoed. #northcarolina #northcarolina Afro-American Newspapers The Chronicle Winston-Salem Journal | JournalNow #predatorylending #ncga #ncpol
nycdca 2M ago
We visited #bronxsunshinecommunitygarden to chat with #bronxites from @hispanic_federation and #westaynosquedamos about the dangers of #predatorylending. We warned community about #predatorylending in the used car industry, distributed #consumerprotection tips, and reminded attendees that free one-on-one financial counseling is available at City's Financial Empowerment Centers if they needed help with budgeting, especially when planning to buy a used car. Call @nyc311 to make an appointment at a Center near you. #talkmoney #financialempowerment
Take Back the Land Rochester held a rally this morning at Liz McGriff's house. She is facing foreclosure again because #midfirstbank bought her house with the intension of foreclosing it for a FHA payout. This bank recieved MULTIPLE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in the 2008 bailout, and still has almost half that money left, which is for the specific purpose of renegotiating mortgages like Liz's. Simply put, the bank that is foreclosing on Liz is not only predetory, it is failing to use bailout money, from taxpayers via the US federal government, for its intended purpose.
There is a community effort to oppose this eviction. DM if you want to help.
riafcu 2M ago
With Shark Week wrapping up this weekend we want you to know that there are other alternatives to taking out a high-cost loan in a moment of need. If you are facing debt problems, you may feel that these forms of borrowing are your only option but this is not true. Before jumping into that fast-cash offer, take a moment to breathe, understand that you have alternatives, and make an action plan. We have helpful financial planners through Greenpath Financial who will work with you for free to budget and build credit. Take a look at these graphics for other alternatives. 🦈
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