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User Image poisonhivey Posted: Jan 11, 2016 9:39 AM (UTC)

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Swollen, out of it and so ready to obliterate this stupid disease. Tried to get out of the apartment yesterday and it was a complete fail with a huge reaction almost right when I arrived at my friend's place. But you know what? Even though I couldn't speak because my chest, throat, face and shoulders were swollen, just to hear their voices when I was blacking in and out made me feel less alone. Embarrassed... But less alone and loved. It was the same thing at Christmas when I couldn't join my family downstairs at my parents because of a brutal reaction, but their voices... It feels good to know someone you love is there when the pain is something no one should ever have to deal with. The swelling is still unreal but I'm cognitively more with it. I remember some of it... I iced my chest and shoulders and that helps a little. The Benadryl injections aren't working well anymore but I'll have to do the injection soon though because it's either that or an epi pen in the near future... these rebounds are relentless. I see the new GI doctor at Brigham later today so I really hope my body can cooperate so I can verbally speak to him. I am not missing this appt again. Gotta keep trying, I'll never stop trying. This lava lamp my aunt gave me helps me escape for awhile❤️.... #mastcelldisease #preanaphylaxis #angioedema