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@liamslingerie may not be the biggest account out there but she is in the hospital getting surgery right now. I don't know why but a few days ago she went tothe hospital because she was coughing up blood please pray for her #prayforlexee #onedirection #1d #1dfamily #directioner #directioners #hazza #harrystyles
lousgravy 285w ago
I'm sorry guys , but what the hell is going on in our fandom lately !!? So many Directioners are becoming hurt !! Oh god , please no more ! xxx BE SAFE ! 💜 #prayfornida #prayforlexee #prayformiaemily #prayforharrysgravy ❤ goodnight lovelies . x
Hey, it's Lexee. I wanted to let you know that I'm still in the hospital. The doctors are talking to me like they're worried, but they haven't told me what's wrong yet. But when I looked online last night to see what might be happening, there were serious things listed. And I really don't want to have any of them. I'm starting to feel even more scared. The medicine they put me on is making me feel dizzy and lightheaded still. I saw the hashish