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User Image arnavswift Posted: Feb 18, 2018 5:53 PM (UTC)

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So here's another poem which Geet and I wrote back in summers. It's about rising terrorism and fear spread amongst people by their respective leaders or governments. Increasing number of shootings per day in the US scares me. There should definitely be some kind of gun control there. May the almighty bless the families of the deceased and innocent citizens of Parkland who got shamelessly killed by a gunman. •
#prayforparkland #prayforflorida #prayfor2611 #prayforearth #mockingjay #hungergames #worldpeace #unitednations #unicef #indopakpeace #wheresthelove #stopracism #stopbodyshaming #stophomophobia #stopterrorism

Literally EVERYBODY in this entire world needs to watch this documentary. Especially here in the US. This is real life. We must make a change. No more time for excuses on why you can’t change your way of life. Change is inevitable, but whether we choose to destroy ourselves or choose to change is up to us! Not just one of us, all of us! The collective! #letschangetheworld #bethechange #thisisthemoment #changeisinevitable #beinspired #cometogether #beforetheflood #prayforearth #livesustainably #climatechange #reducereuserecycle #liveinharmony #livegreen #nationalgeographic @natgeo @leonardodicaprio
User Image bluestar.white.723 Posted: Feb 16, 2018 9:51 AM (UTC)

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#coastalcleanup #plasticfree #zerowaste
#prayforearth #prayforworldpeace
#beach #marine #ocean #bigblue
User Image moy_oli.seb Posted: Feb 15, 2018 10:07 PM (UTC)

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All of these sick people out there ... taking lives of inesent strangers, they have family’s ... so by taking one life is like taking every life ! I was searching thru the comments and this poor person lost their own sister to these shootings. Even know I don’t know this person, it still hurts me to know that someone died of these freaking idiots out in this world ! 💔😭 #PrayForFlorida #PrayForEarth #Pray @oliver.moy @sebastianmoy (credit to @beautifullalejandro)
User Image lauren.enlightenedphysique Posted: Feb 15, 2018 3:17 PM (UTC)

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Sometimes I feel like running away, when I was young I did, but I do not run from my problems anymore, I now choose to evaluate them and deal with them efficiently. A new location won't change your life, a new outfit won't change your life, or a new gym membership, you have to change your life.

Sometimes a New Perspective is all you need to completely change your life.
When I met my friend Jessica who is a Marine, my eyes were opened in so many ways, I had never met a woman or a person as strong as her. I think of her daily and she brings me strength.

But Today I wish I could run away from America's problems, I wish there was not gun violence in schools or Wars over religions and gas and oil. As I sit here writing this I realize I want to run away from it because I don't know how to solve it. I wish. I wish this could all just stop, I wish we could learn to be happy, live not only as a nation but as a world happy in the unity we should be able to share as humans.
I don't know what to do about this, all I can do is keep doing what I do best and that is being a personal trainer and a health care provider.
Please take care of your body today and your mind, please join me in praying for the lives that were affected by the horrible tragedy in Florida yesterday. Please join me in keeping up the good fight, I will not run away, or give in.
#peaceonearth #startswithus #healthyday #healthybody #healthymind #strongphysique #enlightenedphysiques #prayforflorida #prayforearth #meditateforpeace
User Image suzannymarie Posted: Feb 14, 2018 8:26 PM (UTC)

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My heart is absolutely broken to see another school shooting. We live in such devastating times. #prayforParkland #prayforUSA #prayforEarth

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