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Come join us as we soak in his presence in worship.
Sunday November 5th is worship night. It all begins at 5pm. Save the date and see you there!
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But I do need more physical therapy. #PraiseGod?
These wonderful ladies deepened their relationship with our Lord by journeying on the road to Emmaus during a fall retreat this weekend. With beautiful autumn colors and Mary watching over them, it was a weekend to remember!
#retreat #camptekakwitha #roadtoemmaus #praisegod
The good deeds that I do, I don't do it to be seen by others nor to receive a reward, Glory, praise, or honor from any man. So then you would ask me, then why do you do all these good things? For I say unto you, I do my good works not unto man but unto God my father in heaven and I do not these good works to even be seen by men but only to be seen by my Abba. For I know in whom I serve. And my good works are not my own but only christ my eldest brother whom lives within me. For I do nothing and am nothing but a vessel so DO NOT praise me BUT PRAISE YE THE LORD FOR HIS WONDEROUS WORKS AND THANK HIM FOR HIS KINDNESS AND FAVOR!!! ONLY HE ALONE IS WORTHY!!! #preach #truth #spokenword #testamony #wordofGod #PraiseGod
Listen chaaale.... Tjis is what happebs when yo stylist hates you.. Ooop I mean when your stylist isn't skilled in applying black to hair on a frontal... Wow.... Seen this before though.... Gurl.... Gurl... GIRL!
#oilyouredges and protect that lace from color chaaale... Credit to @ooolalablog : I just started the #LHHH reunion and I just can't already 😩😂😂😂😂 #OooLaLaTVChats #OooLaLaBlog #Masika

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