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Sad sight to finally see Buybacks Reynoldsburg closed. This place was my first job 3 years ago. It was alittle to surreal to see everything go. But honestly it needed to go. By the way if management continues to do what they've been doing the past couple of years there will be no more buybacks locations. #firstjob #memories #closing #closed #closingstore #dvdstore #poormanagement
These floors are nasty!!! Keep taking your tenants rent money but do nothing for them! This entire complex has been mismanaged for years. That maintenance man is a joke, would let him change a light bulb! #ridiculous #nasty #slumlord #hud #poormanagement
if this lil 15 yr old goes off to her dad one more time about me not knowing how to do something the first time i'm doing it,,, i'm gonna explode
lil girl i do not want to ask you for help buT i have to oR would you rAther have me fuck up and cost the hotel money?¿? u get mad when i ask for help and mad when i don't ask for help
the fire is burning within me tonight and i'm honestly doing them a favor by not quitting right fuckin now 🙄😤
y'all went through 12 receptionists before me within 2 months and they all quit, I WONDER WHY 😒 i was trained for 2 days 3 months ago and I'm supposed to be a pro right? smh i do not get paid enough to be shat on by a child 🤦🏼‍♀️#poormanagement #girlboo #calmyourtits
So.. @mtbachelor decided it was a good idea to put out bait boxes around the lodges as a shotty way of tackling their mice infestation.. as a result, this poor chipmunk, and other tiny critters are being poisoned to death. Who's next, the sensitive pine marten, who they named a lodge after!? The fact that their administration thinks it is a good idea to poison wildlife, instead of looking for more humane ways of solving their problems, has me shocked and concerned. After I just spent half a fortune to buy a season pass to enjoy what should be a protected natural area, I expect more. If you think this is as crazy as I do, please speak up. I have a deep love and respect for this place and I expect the people who own and run it to do the same. #tinycrittersmatter #savemtbachelor #protectwildlife #weareallconnected #oregon #mtbachelor #poormanagement #speakup #baitboxessuck
We pay $115 a month, always make sure to get visitor passes for our friends, make sure there's a spot for them to park, and then I see this. This is not even ose to the first time people have been able to park in a driving lane for free in the parkade. Management has been notified, but can't seem to be concerned. Thank God we're moving in 2 weeks! #square104 #yegdt #assholes #poormanagement
This is nonsense !! Waited more than an hour to get in , and missed the first half. #clippers #raptors game #nba#uhathletics #stansheriff #poormanagement
If you're just putting a used door on you could've done that last night. Why did i have to wait til today? #really #wtfisthis #whydidihavetowaitforthis #slumlord #poormanagement
I was highly disappointed with my experience at #lfw this year. Poor organisation and lack of communication with paying customers was my issue. Although it was a mediocre show, I'm sure a lot of hard work went in to it.
جامعہ کراچی کا شعبہ ٹرانسپورٹ انتظامیہ کی عدم توجہ کے باعث مکمل تباہ ہوگیا،2007 کے بعد سے ایک بھی بس میں اضافہ کرنے میں انتظامیہ ناکام رہی، 30 ہزار سے زائد طلبہ کے لیے صرف 30 گاڑیاں چلائی جارہی ہے، پوائنٹس کی کمی اور وسائل کا بہانہ بنا کر جامعہ میں رکشے والوں کو کھلی چھوٹ دے دی..
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