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Teeny Mates Mini-Gatorade bottle - 0 Colby-1
Thankful for the wonderful nurses and doctors at Shady Grove Pediatric ER, the Montgomery County EMTs and Cabin John Firefighters...our little man is 100% fine and thought his first ambulance ride and popsicle in the ER was "pretty neat". Never a dull moment! Momma and Dadda would be ok with "dull" right about now! This too will pass, literally! 😂💩👦🏼👨🏻‍🚒🚑🚒 #coxfamilysummer2017 #poopwatch2017
This girl is being a little stinker today, biting Meowmy's heels of her shoes while Meowmy tends to Gabby's wound 😿 #gabbyandpenny #pennylane #catitude #adoptdontshop #sheltercatsrock
No messing around when it comes to cooking. Camping at clear lake this weekend required 4 Coleman stoves. We got the job done I think. Also what poop is this?!?!? We have debated for hours on whether it's dog or bear or human. It is very large and in the middle of the path. #parkscanada #ridingmountain #clearlake #poopwatch2017
Poor Manny has had a tough day. Last night his Meowmy spotted blood after a bowel movement. Today he has not 💩 at all, even though he's been eating normally. He was also going into his litter box, meowing, but not 💩. So you know what that means...a trip to the vet! 🤢 .
Poor Manny howled the whole way there and back (thank goodness the vet is only 3 miles away) and our usually mild-mannered kitty gave 'em hell when he got there. He did a bunch of tests like x-rays and a urine culture. The good news is that it's nothing serious yet. The bad news is that it may be a gastrointestinal issue, so Manny is getting a special prescription diet for the next few weeks. So now we're waiting on the results of the urine test, seeing how this new diet treats him, and waiting for him to 💩! Don't worry, he has licked all the "vet stink" off and is freshening himself up for tonight's pawtys! 📦🎉
#POOPWATCH2017 Once again, we interrupt your regularly scheduled COI Kitty Network News programming to inform you . . . . THE POOP HAS LANDED. Yes, that's right. While not fully cooperative (after all, she wouldn't be our Miss Kitty Diva Princess if she HAD cooperated) she has finally pooped. Her meowmy will be collecting her from the V.E.T. in about a half hour and they will be reunited . . .
And it feels so gooooood, reunited cause they understood There's one perfect fit, and sugar this one is it We both are so excited because they're reunited, hey, heeeeyyyyyyaaa (Um, Max, we aren't Peaches and Cream, please knock it off. You're creepin me out, bro.). Back to our reporting, Miss Diva will be home soon. REPEAT, THE POOP HAS LANDED. Her meowmy will have to make some adjustments going forward, but all manageable. Thank you all for your support. Remember to keep purring (and as @little_franklin_ says, derp on). So many sick kitties out there. Let's try to purr them all to good health.

Max, shut up about alien abduction. You don't want to become the Mulder of the COI community. Nopawdy wants to hear it.

#cats #catsofig #catsofinstagram #seniorcats #tortiecats
POOP WATCH 2017: We interrupt your regularly scheduled COI program to bring you this impawtant update on our own, Miss Kitty Diva Princess (@kdp_n_me). Our own little Diva is STILL at the V.E.T. The good mews is that she's eating and drinking and isn't throwing up, but she has yet to 💩 and can't come home until she does so. This, understandably, has her meowmy VERY upset. Please stay tuned as we bring you future impawtant updates on Poop Watch 2017. In the meantime, keep purring for her and all the other ailing kitties. - The Max and Tab Hunter repawting for the Kitty News Network (no fake mews here)

P.S. Max would like to remind Miss Kitty Diva Princess that the longer she's at the V.E.T, the more likely alien abduction. Geez, dude, let it go already!
#poopwatch2017 #cats #catsofig #seniorcats #tortiecats
14 days people. This kid hasn't pooped in 14. DAYS. I'm terrified. #poopmageddon #poopwatch2017 #lucyann
For all those on #poopwatch2017, we have had success 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 it's not until you become a parent that you are truly joyful about poop 😂💩🙌🏼😁 #jacksondanielray #sweetbabyray
Y'all this sweet baby is 5 months old 💔😭💔😭 how is time going by so quickly?!? We had to go to the dr today because of some number 2 issues! And let me tell you that breaks this mamas heart 😩 But we got some solutions and now we are on #poopwatch2017 😂😜 #5months #jacksondanielray #sweetbabyray
Adventures in the hallway with MollyBubbles. Thanks for all the get well wishes ❤️ She's feeling a little bit better but we're still waiting for normal healthy 💩 #PoopWatch2017 #CarpetSwimming
Yea so potty training my stubborn 4yr old is going really well. His twin brother got the hang of it real quick, somehow this guy missed the memo. #pottytraining #justgointhetoiletalready #allthepee #poopwatch2017
The look you give mummy when she tells you you're not the baby any more...... ~Valentino
Jasper update: he left his bed and explored the bathroom a little, I think he is walking better. He is clearly constipated as he gets into the litter box and cries. The wonderful Lyn massaged his tummy and around his bum for about 30 mins this morning which he seemed to enjoy but no action yet. We also gave him 0.4 ml of coconut oil and 2ml of water by syringe as he isn't drinking. His appetite is strong which is a good sign! #poopwatch2017 #prayingforpoops
What do Dogs dream of? I wonder if it's about dog treats, playing with toys & sleeping all day. 🤔#divadog #doxie #doxiesofinstagram #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund #furkid #zoethediva #zoethedoxie #sausagedog #weinerdog #dogdreams 🐶 ❤️ She's just too cute now if we could just get her to poop soon. 😆 #poopwatch2017 💩 #latergram
Using my #bujo to keep track of all the garbage I have to do to prep for my #surgery next week! 😑 And yes, I am calling next Monday PoopWatch 2017 #crohnie #crohnsdisease #crohnicillness #poopwatch2017 #bujojunkies #poopallthethings #sorryimgross
Walked in from work to find a brand new bag of apple wood chips scattered all over the living room floor annnndddd all over our bed 😤 Schroeder managed to get the bag off of the kitchen counter smh. I asked him what he did and he ran and hid lol! #devildog #grillseasonproblems #hesluckyhescute #poopwatch2017 #💩🍎🌳
He's ok! First ER Visit (last night): he swallowed a small metal ring and needed an x ray. Currently on #poopwatch2017 #er #firstERvisit #holycopaybatman