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Do you think it's bougie if someone eats a pizza with a knife and fork? Our cohost #PomTea shares her thoughts on this! {Link in bio}
It's a Pom Tea, Kind of Day! 😉 Gotta love this stuff. ❤
Welcome to the #Tearoom podcast with #PomTea, #EarlGrey & #BlackTea! LINK IN BIO! 3 young women living in NYC are bound to brew relatable experiences for all, especially struggles with the MTA. Check out our first ep where we discuss the daily struggles on our commute to work, a bit of trending topics and our Bury Yourself segment!
Working end of month at home with my energy juice! Tried a different combo today and it's delish! Hitting goals and promotions while helping others hit theirs is so rewarding!! Can't believe tomorrow is April already!!! Yay!! That means bring on some warm weather!! #energydrink #lemontea #pomtea #hydrate #beautybooster #endofmonth
This doesn't happen often ... I only mix my beers when they're not so bueno and I've got plenty left. Picked up a 6 pack at Trader Joe's for $5.99 thinking "how bad could it be?" 😯 I'll never say that again. Decided to add a little Pom tea and it's not too shabby! Whelps, I've got 3 more left which means 3 more different concoctions! Lol cheers! 🍻 #beer #beerconcoction #pom #pomtea #pompeachpassionwhitetea