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Put a little polka dot pep in your step this fall! ⚪️⚫️ Today on the blog I have linked some of my favorite polka dot pieces. Even though the weather might be cooling down, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to.✨🍁 #liketkit
I forgot about T-shirt Tuesday! (I got a little too excited and posted about concealer/blush today instead). But here is your official T-shirt Tuesday post with a twist.

Ok, so last night while laying in bed, I was pondering if I was a person who preferred to wear solid bottoms with printed tops OR printed bottoms with solid tops (I know, I know, I think about highly intellectual quandaries all the time😳). In order to help me decide between the two options I did a search for printed tops and solid tops. And the following stock pictures came up.
So now the question has changed. Instead of deciding whether I like solid or printed tops. The question is, Am I going to get struck by lightning for thinking these pictures are funny😬. I know it's a little mean, but they are just so awkward😂. #awkwardpictures #iloveawkward #struckbylightning
So I have been busy painting my pumpkins ready for halloween using @makeitrustoleum spray paints and detail pens. Here is a before and after and everything’s have used to create this look. .
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