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User Image shambhavisinha20897 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 4:53 AM (UTC)

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.S E L F I S H.

the other day,
I saw you stopping in front of the florist,
but then you quickly walked away.
Why didn't you buy flowers, your favourite ones,
some lilies and carnations and rosemaries?

The other night,
I saw you standing in the balcony, eyeing the starry sky,
but then you brushed your teeth and tucked yourself in the bed.
Why didn't you spend some more time eyeing the sky that night?  The other afternoon,
I saw you make a list of medicines that I need to take and stick another list on the fridge which said,
"Things to do for yourself".
It sure was a brilliant list because it had all my favourite things in it but you definitely are the worst teacher because you never buy yourself your favourite flowers or spend the entire night watching the stars.
Why don't you do anything for yourself?
~few years later~
I had asked you a question few years ago and you still haven't answered me.
When I had asked you thrice already,
you had packed your suitcase and left.
Today I want to ask you,
when you finally left,
why the hell did I regret pushing you to do something for yourself?

Should I've been a little bit selfish and let you stay?

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User Image vaidakshay_ Posted: Jan 22, 2018 4:43 AM (UTC)

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The mark on your shoulder reminds me of my past
The way I dug myself inside
The way I hid, completely discrete.
The mark on your shoulder reminds me of a time
When everything made little sense
When a little sense was just enough.

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