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Day 24: Favorite Villain Song: Savages, Pocahontas (1995)

Probably the second most insensitive song since "What Makes The Red Man Red" from Peter Pan, Savages is probably the most perfect villain song around. Unlike most villain songs, it's not only sung by the villain Ratchetlife, but also by Pocahontas and her good natured father, Powhatan. Now this may take away from it being a villain song, keep in mind that Powhatan is blinded by his anger and wants to kill the innocent John Smith. Even if it's for good intentions, it's still an evil act. I just hope that not too many people take offense that I love this song😯. #31daydisneychallenge #Pocahontas #disneysavages #disneypocahontas #pocahontasdisney #savages #ratchetlife #disneyvillain

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