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This is the first of many in my new *ํS U N S E T S E R I E S*ํ - ☀1 //// #jchallenge #hand #bokeh #flowers #sunset
So I dye the tips of my hair red and it barely showed and I think it's already gone now 😢
You only see thing the way you want to//\\ so all I've done today was watch law and order SVU and I crimped my hair by braiding and then straightening it, fun day. 😒
•so I'll make keep my distance. Say "I love you," when you're not listening•
no one understands how I feel. only Jesus and that amazes me every time.. that he lived a perfect life. then took on every emotional pain we could imagine it and got rid of it. he felt every pain that we felt? that amazes me. I think thats incredible.
<~> Emerging<~> night swimming with fireworks! Later found out some of it was lightning.... Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸
torispin 278w ago
{ Scepter } I was doing some wedding flowers with my mom and I just finished the little flower girls wand :) thought I should take a picture to show you guys :)

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