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User Image marta_b_hope Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:36 PM (UTC)
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I’ve began helping out with translating Polish people at this amazing migrants charity. It’s something to look forward to and it helps keep me sane, plus it gets me out of the house 🙌 I can only do this because I’m sitting down the entire time with my foot propped up on a chair. I’m sooo thankful that I can do this and help people out, feel needed and appreciated. It’s priceless when you live alone, have a tiny support around you, are in constant pain, depressed and can’t work. But look at my face. Look at the state of me. I came into the office straight out of the pain clinic. I was a state. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t remember things. I was in pain and exhausted both mentally and physically. THANK GOD my doctor turned out to be one of the biggest specialists for CRPS in the entire uk. I am SO THANKFUL for him!! He prescribed me patches that will hopefully help with pain and wants to start me on steroids plus do many tests. He explained things to me so well and gave me hope. All cases of CRPS I’ve studied so far have been hopeless. But he taught me today that actually, 70% of patients have CRPS reduce over time or even go away altogether. I needed to hear this so bad!!! So now I’ve got hope and prospects... 🙌 next time I’m there I’ll try out the tense machine. We will also apply for a wheelchair for me. So yes. I am exhausted. I’m in so much pain. But I think.. the pain in my heart is the worst. Dealing with so much crap whilst living alone is indescribable. I can’t compare it to anything except for being locked up in a solitary. So please, pray for me. Pray for my benefits to come through. I’m in severe financial issues rn. I’m not in debt thank goodness but I have literally £100 A MONTH on food, toiletries, clothes and taxis. This alone breaks me into tears of hopelessness. I need something to happen. Soon. #invisibleillness #chronicpain #crps #pleasepray
Good luck tomorrow! 💗🦃✊🏾🙏🏾😂 #thanksgiving #pleasepray #grateful #loveislove #messytruth #postmodernchildbirth #Repost @glennondoyle (@get_repost)
It’s Thanksgiving Eve! It’s the day that is MORE IMPORTANT THAN TOMORROW BECAUSE today we set our THANKSGIVING EXPECTATIONS!!! .
IT’LL BE LIKE THIS!: Tomorrow will be peaceful and everyone will gaze lovingly at each other in cozy precious sweaters and chuckle at witty banter and Uncle Joe decides against talking politics and Aunt Bertha remains sober and vertical and organic Cousin Sarah eats the damn stuffing and Brother Tom puts it all behind him and just shows up and Lisa and Karen bury the hatchet and baste the turkey together and your mother-in-law finally notices your excellent parenting and apologizes for being so short-sighted for so very long!!! .
ACTUALLY. It’ll be like this: Uncle Joe’s gonna talk about politics.Very loudly and first thing. Aunt Bertha’s gonna drink like a saguaro cactus. Sarah’s gonna talk about how much red dye is in the cranberry sauce and shame everyone with her tofurkey. Even if you pray hard, even if you stare at that front door all day long, Brother Tom might never show up. Lisa and Karen are gonna go at it like the Real Housewives. Your mother-in-law is gonna notice that your middle kid really needs a haircut and shouldn’t he know how to tie his own shoes by now, sweetheart?

So here’s what we do tomorrow: We stop trying to be the director of the family show and we just become an amused audience member. We jump on stage when it’s our line. We let everybody in the family play their role. We stop fixing, cajoling, judging and lobbying. We stop hoping so hard and start accepting. We let it all be. We remember that the reason there is so much food around on family holidays is so we don’t say too terribly much. .

We stop trying to change our people long enough to find some gratitude for these crazy people who are OUR PEOPLE, dammit. We remember that family is just The Ones Who Keep Showing Up. We are grateful to and for the ones who show up. .

They are a mess, but they are OUR MESS. And thank God because we are a mess too, but we are THEIR MESS.

Happy Thanksgiving to you,
User Image mosio_multiplied Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:54 PM (UTC)
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**att. Prayer warriors**
SO some know that I have gotten Hypermesis in most of my pregnancies including one of my miscarriages. Well, I started feeling the familiar start of it yesterday. I'm still hopeful and asking for many prayers that it doesn't become full fledged HG. I already had a prescription filled last week because the doctor wanted to get a head start just in case. So I have that to enjoy Thanksgiving if needed. Also, it is saying that I am only allowed like 21 of them and that's what happened last pregnancy. It took so long to get the insurance company to let me get more. I was in the ER everyday getting IVs because they wouldn't let me have the prescription.
I say all that to ask for prayers against this. My kids are so awesome and totally understand when I get sick in pregnancy that I'm not the normal me, but I don't want them to have to have the HG me this time. Please pray if you think of me. 💞 thank you!
#hyperemesisgravidarum #hyperemesissucks #hg #pregnancy #prayer #prayerwarriors #momlife #momofmany #largefamily #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #sick #pregnant #pleasepray #babynumber8
User Image homeschool_minimalist Posted: Nov 22, 2017 1:48 PM (UTC)
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Please pray for this sweet little baby girl, Reagan. She was born at 22 weeks and the family has been through a lot. You can follow her journey at @rnrtwins ❤️🙏🍼 This is a repost from their page.
#sahm #moms #pleasepray #everylifeisprecious #giftfromgod #pray
User Image whomanisthisfrfr Posted: Nov 22, 2017 8:22 AM (UTC)
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User Image redefined_mtl Posted: Nov 21, 2017 3:38 PM (UTC)
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🙏🏻 No longer taking orders until further notice . #pleasepray #hope #faith #comehome
User Image a.collection.of.cells Posted: Nov 21, 2017 6:42 PM (UTC)
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**ATTENTION** Please pray for my boyfriend and his family. Something awful has gone down. They aren’t Christians but that does not prevent prayer or God’s providence to happen. Please pray that this situation they are thrown into will go in their favor and that God will show his glory to them through this situation. I pray personally that God will take this into his hands and protect them. Please pray. #pray #prayer #please #pleasepray #prayerworks #praying #God #helpothers #christian #prayerlife #help
User Image iamtomijones Posted: Nov 21, 2017 5:32 PM (UTC)
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User Image rhettskol Posted: Nov 21, 2017 3:06 PM (UTC)
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Going in for @maxskol5353 3rd shoulder surgery today. Please pray for a successful surgery thanks.#31 #surgery #pleasepray
User Image crystalperryaz Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:05 PM (UTC)
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He’s home sick. I am trying to will the sickness away from me and everyone else. In less than 48 hours Hannah and I will be racing our hearts out.
. #pleasepray #aintnotimeforthat #nosickness #drinkmoresuperfoods
User Image chronically_brittany Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:21 PM (UTC)
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Please say a prayer for my mom this morn as she goes into surgery again. It's been very hard on my family. I'm super emotional person and it's hit hard not being able to help take it away ❤️ prayers please #prayers #pleasepray #fightlikeagirl #fuckcancer #ineedmymom #prayerswork #prayersneeded #surgeryday
User Image bxferalcatcare Posted: Nov 21, 2017 7:30 AM (UTC)
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The rest of the guys are doing great, I clean everything everyday twice a day. And shit I wish I could just have them all inside.... One day. One day. We gotta make it together babies, ALL of us! Because I want to see you guys warm, indoors, healthy and purring next to me 🙂💌💌💚💚💓💓💓🐱🐱🐱🐱 There only one bag of dry food left, its the one in use, if you can help THEM please check out the Amazon wishlist, link in bio. Thank you sooo very MEOW
User Image bxferalcatcare Posted: Nov 21, 2017 7:25 AM (UTC)
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Hello Everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been posting but I've been so worried about that boy up there Jackson and also Dorian... When I worry - fear paralysis my world, so my focus has just been on them. They both have what to us would seem like the common cold. So far they are doing perfect, struggling with horrible symptoms like watery eyes and stuffy nose but they are eating and still very active - that's a great sign. I called the vet even though I cannot afford it, still called because I'll sell a lung if I have to. But she says I have to give it time, she understands its ferals and that if they are healthy then their bodies will be able to fight this. Like with humans, a cold cannot be cured, only symptoms managed and the immune system supported. Thankfully I had started giving them lysine and some vitamin c the days that we had below zero weather, she says keep supporting them with that and warm meals, some vaporizer and monitoring. I know they are warm in their shelters so that gives me comfort, I see them three times a day now. Tonight Jax stayed in the shelter but he was alert even while laying in there so I will not assume anything. I'm focused on positive vibes. They will fight that cold like I am presently fighting mine. I ask you all for the same, prayers! I know God knows very well, he knows because all I do for these cats is his work. And I know therefore he guides me and ALL IS WELL. But I won't lie, I fear. Oh my babies. Please visit our Amazon wishlist, added some natural supplements that were recommended to me, they're totally safe so why not try and help my boys more, they should help with their symptoms. No matter what you are able to do to help please just send THEM some healing love - and I thank you with all of my soul. 💚💚💚
User Image myeisha_yvonne Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:03 AM (UTC)
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User Image crazyunicorngirl78 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 12:54 AM (UTC)
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Hey Guys Please Pray for my boyfriend @cvillaronga374 He is getting Surgery again tomorrow and He will be at the hospital for a couple of days or weeks and He has to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital and I’m hoping He will be Okay and I won’t lose him 😭😢🙏🏻 I’m so worried... My hero please be Okay and I will miss you a lot and I love you to 💓💓💓 #please #pleasepray #prayer #pray #praying #boyfriend #surgery #tommorow #beokay #hospital #missyou #loveyou
User Image sarakostelfrick Posted: Nov 21, 2017 12:37 AM (UTC)
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Happy Due Date, Sweet Baby! 😍

Today was my first day at home by myself with both girls and Carsen had an appt with her new pediatrician in Rockford; Quinn did amazing all day, especially after spending more than an hour in the car and more than two hours at the doctor's office & lab. We made it to bedtime! #ThankyouCoffee #ThankyouJesus #ThankyouTrollsMovie

Carsen is 6lbs 8oz & 20" long & she beat her feed record again today and took 41mL by mouth! Lots of specialist appts coming up, including a f/u MRI and appt with the Neurosurgeon this Wednesday (pray NO SURGERY needed still!) She also has in-home PT, nursing and OT multiple times per week for at least the first two months. Thank goodness the holidays (TJ's time off) are coming 😊

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