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W tym miejscu gdzie leży mata z ikei stał stolik. Stał. Bo już nie stoi. Został rozkręcony i wywieziony. Ale co zrobić jak się ma dziecko, które usiedzi cudem 2 minuty, a tak jest go wszędzie pełno 🤷🏻‍♀️trzeba zapewnić bezpieczne warunki zabawy 🙈 #wcaleminieszkodastolika #nienawidziłamgo #synuzróbmijeszczenowąkuchnie #ibędziegitesmajonez #babyboy #jestembojestes #playroommess #myboy #mommyandson #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna
I usually don’t last longer then 5 min on the bike which is why I never do it. I get bored. 🙄

But I went on YouTube to see if their was anything to make it fun. 🙌🙌 found a 35 min class!! Had my energize & had a blast beating my legs. *
Doesn’t matter what you do but challenge your body...
Rafa be like: I will somehow make a mess so massive that it will be impossible to clean up by myself. 😳

#momlife #toddlermess #playroommess
So I know my kids know how to put away toys and clean up because they do so at school. So in effort to transfer this skill to the home environment, I labeled, organized, cleaned up and got rid of a bunch of 💩 today! Crossing my fingers it works because I was sick and tired of cleaning up after them and fighting with them to clean up! And repeating myself more often than I'd like! I'll let you know how it goes!!!
Boy's bedroom/playroom. I worked with what they had, and still was able to make a big difference. I like to organize books by size and category and toys by category.
#organize #organizemiami #organization #boysroom #playroom #playroommess #hoarder #declutter
Amekaw anak2 pny rindu semua mainan nk main skali gus. 😅
Dh mcm tadika
Yg kecik tu xtahan... Nk jgk join, sanggup tinggalkn ibu tgh susukn dia kat bilik lain masuk sini sendiri 😏

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