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User Image paralumanstudio Posted: Dec 11, 2017 8:43 AM (UTC)

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I have not been posting in a while. Been working on several "pre-production" things for future projects. Sharing this image from my Tarot Bagong Sining - an old, unique deck I created years ago. The theme is my own take on the Art Nouveau style and the title is a literal translation of the word Art Nouveau (New Art) in Filipino. One of the unique things about the deck is that it is essentially a double majors-only type of deck - each of the trumps is split into two cards, a male and a female version (the lovers card, for example, show two people of the same gender in each card). So there is a male Empress and a female Hierophant, etc. Here are the deck's Star cards - two of my favorite images from the series. (Also appropriate since it's almost Christmas, and, well, you know, there's "that" star in the Nativity story). #Tarot #PlayingCards #TarotDeck #TarotArt #TarotDesign #IndieTarot #PlayingCards #IndiePlayingCards #PlayingCardArt #PlayingCardDesign #CardArt #Divination #Cartomancy #ArtNouveau #MajorArcana
User Image lostartmagic Posted: Dec 11, 2017 6:43 AM (UTC)

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Holidays are coming. We have a gift for you. Wait on it.
User Image borderlineadam Posted: Dec 11, 2017 6:29 AM (UTC)

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Saturday Night Live playing cards by @theory11 & @nbcsnl
User Image inferno_822 Posted: Dec 11, 2017 6:24 AM (UTC)

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@jeremynguyensg caught me doing some #Cardistry 😂😂 Not a #Cardist and never really put in alot effort in learning any, but its sure fun to fidget around. Old school #TallyHo is bae 😎😎
User Image magic_uc Posted: Dec 11, 2017 5:27 AM (UTC)

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User Image bunny_ron7 Posted: Dec 11, 2017 4:08 AM (UTC)

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User Image borderlineadam Posted: Dec 11, 2017 4:00 AM (UTC)

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Who managed to cop the new purple JAQK Cellars before they sold out? By @theory11
User Image shadowhandz Posted: Dec 11, 2017 3:36 AM (UTC)

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Monarch Black @theory11


Langsung chat via WA/LINE ya, thankyou!
User Image danielkry_ Posted: Dec 11, 2017 2:24 AM (UTC)

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You thought it was over? I’m just getting started 🤑🤑 #fontainecards #waterwheel @fontainecards @darenyeow

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