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"And they say that she's not easy, no she's really complicated, but that only makes it better and it's got me so fixated, and I'm not the type to wait around I've never hesitated, but she's got me captivated so the Game, I'm gonna play it yeah."
I hope this isn't too late, but this is my entry for #missguillotinessongcontest2017 hosted by @miss_guillotine! The last line in that paragraph really got me, and from "game" my brain somehow went to card game and the queen of hearts... as Miss Guillotine is, no doubt about it ;0 (Song is Rumors by Neffex)
I thought I'd take the design of a traditional playing card and mess with it to fit Miss G's aesthetic! It was a lot of fun and I discovered some new lining and shading techniques along the way, that I think I'm gonna stick with! I also played around with a new brush, something that really helped out a lot in this piece :D

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Jody Eklund of @blackinkplayingcards will be releasing another deck on KickStarter tomorrow 10-17. His decks always feature a theme that carries from the tuck box to the card backs to the faces and into every little detail you can imagine. This deck, Top Aces, features famous pilots or Aces of the air. The card backs have a unique borderless/full bleed design with intricate patterns. Check out the KickStarter release tomorrow and see if this deck belongs in your collection!! (The link will be in my bio when it's live) #PlayingCards #PlayingCard #PlayingCardCollection #PlayingCardArt #PlayingCardsPhotos #56sPlayingCards
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Absolutely stunning craftsmanship in commemoration of the preindustrial era. The intricately fine engravings match the beautiful pearlescent stock colors throughout the decks. Each deck is hand assembled with a beautiful cotton linen seal that completes the symbolic quatrefoil of the deck. An absolute must have for any collector of #playingcard history. Releases at the strike of midnight 5 hours from now October 17th CST.⠀
The major edit was to make it look like I was painting the bottom green stroke. Then fixed the color to give it more vibrant tones. Check out the full image @kylechoycards
Yo! If you haven't seen it yet check out @muchmorechat Great questions going out to influential members of the magic community with a ton of responses on each. Join the convo and submit your own questions. Created by @olliemealing Enjoy! 🤘#playingcardart
For those who don’t know, my good friend Steve Reynolds is letting go of some of his Marlo collection to fund a few amazing upcoming book projects. He has some Marlo Mattes that would make a great addition to any collection. Make sure to hit him up before these are gone, and they will go fast.
A few months ago, we travelled through the US with @francoisduboisvideo, our director of photography, for @cardistrycon and other super top secret projects 😛. Tomorrow, we're releasing the first chapter of our US travel videos: NEW YORK.

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