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Oh!! Just can't get enough of these roasted Baby Potatoes with paprika, turmeric powder and rock salt ( kala namak). These bowls filled with them are so handy this festive season!! Festivals....strangely also tend to make me feel a lot of gratitude and make me contemplative...Different souls have chosen different experiences in this life. Some people may have chosen worldy pleasures and roaming the world and some may have chosen to experience varied ranging human emotions and experiencing love in different forms. The only way you can never feel anger or envy towards anybody is by respecting your own experiences and not feeling guilty about them. They are precious and sacred and divinely orchestrated for you. Strangely that's the only way to release them.. May this festival of light... Help you see clearly the beauty and preciousness of your own path! Have a great day everyone! 💛💛💛 Song in the background: "Jag Ghoomiya" by the awesome Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Enjoy!
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SO GOOD 😍 Mango sorbet, no bake granola, and some bananas.
OooMmmm it’s a Green Zen Smoothie Day! 🌿🥑
Nowadays I spend money wisely. I rather collect experiences than material stuff but hey, these funky "eargems"... 'C'mooon, I just couldn't resist. I'm smitten. 😊
Fab @kookygems ! 👑

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Happy Saturday lovelies🤗 Let's get to know each other😁 Here's 11 things about me:
1. I was born and raised in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands🇻🇮💪🏾❤️
2. I'm 5'7" and 23 years old
3. I'm a Leo 🦁
4. I have a degree in Global Studies/ International Relations from the University of New Haven
5. I've traveled to Zambia and lived in Australia for 8 months and have had some life-changing experiences there.
6. I have a full-time office job and also coach. 👩🏽‍💼👜👟
7. Netflix and chill for me means watching a documentary and discussing how to save our planet😭
8. My passion is coaching individuals on how to make LIFESTYLE changes by incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet and setting them up for success in the gym. Long term success is the name of the game for me.
9. My dream is to teach fellow Virgin Islanders and others all around the Caribbean how to eat plant-based whilst still feeling as though they are Caribbean.
10. I am extremely introspective and self-aware. With every situation I go back and ask myself 'how could I have gone about that differently'. If there is a answer I try to incorporate that change ASAP.
11. I am very independent. It's difficult for me to delegate things to other people or let others do things for me. Trying to find that balance ⚫️⚪️
Tell me something about you!
Vegan smoothie bowl at NU ❤️ they have added quite a few vegan items to the menu and will always swap whey powder for hemp :)
This coconut lentil curry is the perfect fall dinner 🍁🍂🍃💮and budget friendly!! Red lentils at 99¢/lb and bought the coconut cream and various spices at a great local store called Indian Spices. Lentils are a great source of protein and iron for vegans, 26g protein per 1/2 cup dry lentils!!! 💪🌱 #grainsforgains #lentils #lentilpower #plantpower #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #vegangains
Raw pasta 😋
Backstory: it's so funny how life works out. I used to see raw vegan meals and think "ehhh that doesn't look good, why is that person putting them self through unnecessary torture lol😂". But life has a funny way of teaching us, because now that I've taken on this raw challenge I'm trying a lot of different dishes that I never would have been open to and they taste delicious (way better than they look lol). So this is just a reminder to every one to be open to new foods, experiences, people, etc. you'll be surprised at what you will find✨ -------------------------------------------------- On another note, you can find this recipe and more plant based recipes in my e-book coming soon! I can't wait to share it with you all 😊✨
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Nothin like carcasses and cow secretions wrapped in chicken period to start your day! 🤢
Smażone dzisiaj było, choć staram się unikać smażenia. Po prostu boczniaki z piekarnika zawsze wychodziły mi obrzydliwe.. Tymczasem na YT jest nowy filmik. Wpadajcie!

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