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User Image historyintales Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:38 AM (UTC)
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From Where?
For two days there's been a lull in fighting. The wounded were being brought in and tended, the weary soldiers, their backs propped up against the dirt wall of the trench, slept finally slept in peace. I sat silently on a munitions crate with a cigarette hanging from the corner of my mouth. The sky was blue, not a single white cloud to spot it. Sun's rays were warming us. One could forget he was at war and think mistakenly he was at home. Unfortunately, the outcome of this wonderful weather was not the best...
"G'day mate!" Cheerfully greeted me our commander. "You'll never guess what funny story I found in my paper this morning!" "Ah, I don't even know what to guess commander! You best just say it up front!"
"Alright lad but just today! Tommorow you're going to have guess!"
"Sure thing commander!" Said I.
Unfortunately, he wouldn't be here tommorow with a new story to tell me.
As the commander babbled on and on with his story I payed absolutely no attention. My mind wandered off and I looked up and the sky and closed my eyes and enjoyed the exceptional weather. 'All we missing are a few birds to sing and maybe a few ladies to spend the day with' I thought. "Hey! Hey lad! Are you listening?" Asked the commander gently shaking my shoulder.
"Yes, I-- I am, my apologies my mind wandered off." He cleared his throat and continued speaking when suddenly he fell silent. His face changed colors from a pink to a white as if he'd seen a ghost, he crumbled and fell into a  puddle by my feet.
A few more boys sitting up on the parapet soon fell down as well. Without screams or moans many began to fall.
"Alert! Alert!" Yelled I in despair. But no one listened or responded. Boys kept on falling and falling and none could tell from where. All we could do is wonder "from where these shots are coming from?" as dozens more soon followed the  thirty on the ground. Before I knew it, my shoes were soaked with blood, and I just sat there on my munitions crate, with a cigarette hanging from the corner of my lip, sitting there in awe and wonder from where on God's green earth are these demons coming from killing all of our men.
User Image life.of.travelling.t Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:36 AM (UTC)

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Bright blue skies... Perfectly clear jet flying by. I am legally blind-aka short sighted and could see this fine #planes#blueskies#clear#jet#amazing
User Image ceidve Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:36 AM (UTC)
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ceidve 3m ago
Él nos llena de creatividad y deseo por salir adelante, por emprender y planificarnos para toda la vida. Siempre en nuestros planes debemos estar conscientes que la última palabra la tiene Dios, pues es Él quien mejor sabe que nos conviene y que no. .
#frase #planes #emprendimiento #Dios #God #iglesia #church #ceid #collage #armonia #experienciaceid #enlavia #ciudadojeda #zulia #venezuela
I love doing events here. I think the hanger and planes just brings it up a whole new level.
Tonight's event is a school fundraiser. So let's get these pockets loose so they can get that money.
DM to book your bartender for your next💰 #fundraiser 📱📣 #PartyServicesSoCal #getyoudrunk #gotbooze #schoolrules #moscowmule #margaritaville #cashbar #calaeroevents #caacc #aviation #planes
Little man was absolutely beat from looking at all the planes and making plane sounds at the air and space museum today! He is so I love with his planes.
#museum #smithsonianmuseum #smithsonian #airandspacemuseum #washingtondc #planes #moreplanes #daytripping #exhaustedkids
Finally started flying lessons today. Thanks @adventuretofreedom and @victoriaflyingclub twas’ badass! Definitely will be back
User Image helpustobecomeparents Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:24 AM (UTC)

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#mariandbrianwanttoadopt It's like we are always in the baby's mood. Check out our favorite plane at the museum. It's not a toy. 😛👶 Please follow us and spread the word. #babyfever #planes #nationalaviationmuseum #waitingtoadopt #spreadtheword #followus

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