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"One touch of nature, makes the whole world kin." - Am I #pissedoffattheworld or did I #makemymarkontheworld 🤔
When everything else is tumbling and turning in my life this is my constant. The time I set aside only for myself. Strengthens not only my body but my mind as well #nwolympiaprepchallenge #nicolewilkinschallenge #pissedoffattheworld #wannascreamatsomebody #carefulwhatyouwishfor
My lazy Saturday morning routine📚☕️
Do yourself and the mother earth a favor and read this book🙌🏼
What most of us don't realize is that eating is an ethical act, but how can we eat ethically when we don't have any knowledge on how our food is produced?! We don't have to be all vegans to make a difference, we just need to educate ourselves...
#mytwocents #pissedoffattheworld #thewayweeat