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“Baby, I'd rather be hard to love...
Than easy to leave, you should believe me
I'll make you need me.”
•La felicità sta nel gusto e non nelle cose; si è felici perché si ha ciò che ci piace, e non perché si ha ciò che gli altri trovano piacevole• 🌺 #happy😊#smilealways#picframe#eyesthatsmile✨
Happy Golden Birthday my baby! 22 years ago you arrived and you were immediately ready to go. I never imagined how much love I could feel. You have filled my heart and soul with your beautiful spirit. I am so very proud of you. In such a short time you have had so much happen fall out of 2 story window at age 1.5. ICU ten days for toxic shock in 6th grade, t-boned in my car on Douglas Blvd flipping twice and crawling out of windshield. So many adventures and lots more excitement to come. You amaze me with your strength, intellect and compassion. You have the world by the tail. You are very loved by many. Mommy loves you and I will always be here for you in any endeavor. Have an awesome birthday do bad things. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
Sometimes all we need is just a new perspective. Your potential is endless, just do your best! #happymonday

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