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So glad I am back at my workout routine. Out of all my workout regiments, after taking a sick leaves, #pilates is what my body miss the most. Am craving for the good stretch and alignment ! Lets stay healthy always dearly friends ! Sehat senang senyum selalu ! #davehendrik #feelgood #bw #phylates
Giving my beans a bath before heading to sleep 🛁
I just learned soaking legumes and grains over night with a bit of acid (such as white vinegar) helps remove some of the phylates AND reduces cooking time. This process makes the nutrients easier to absorb as well as making them less bitter. ⏰
Lessons from the @nomeatathlete_official Cookbook are already upping my cooking repertoire! 📖
I’m excited to cook these up the next few days -
Mung beans: 1/2 cup = 24 G protein
Red Lentils: 1/2 cup = 26 G protein
Split Green Peas: 1/2 cup = 26 G protein
They were all super cheap from the “bulk” / self serve area in @wholefoods at less than $2.99 a pound. So it was #zerowaste as well!
User Image echichiee Posted: Jan 18, 2018 12:44 AM (UTC)

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b4rski 3M ago
Not perfect and still learning..😊
Need to work more on my upper body. But i believe i can nail this someday 💪🏽
#phylates #physiopilates #startwithphylates #pilatesforwomen #pilatesforrunners #roadtotokyomarathon2018
See how perfect my trainer’s line is on the left ? Am still curving a bit. Celebrating the progress daily tho ! #pilates #phylates #diarydave #davehendrik