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Blocking Out The Haters Like... 🙈😎 In my "Crushed It" Velvet Romper
From FashionNova @fashionnovacurve #FashionNova
Not to long ago I started this crazy coaching thing as a side hobby biz.
Because I am so passionate about health + fitness + nutrition. I honestly, LOVE everything about it. If I could wear yoga pants + sports bras + Nike/Adidas shoes + messy bun, PLUS get to workout all day everyday, AND get paid for it? Oh my Lawd.. id be one happy girl…
It excites me
motivates me
keeps that fire burnin
And helps me strive to be the best version of 'Brandi'
Although, there are hard moments of questioning and doubts that can enter in. Because lets face it, there are always gonna be those people who don’t understand your dreams + vision and will try and make light of what your going after cause they just can’t see your heart and reason 'why' behind it.
But you know what, thats ok. Not everyone is gunna agree with you and be on your side. God has placed a purpose, passion inside each of our hearts and your desires may not be someone elses and vica versa. BUT that’s how it should be. You wanna accomplish God’s call on your life, not mr Joe Schmoe, or nosy Mary. but yours. What would this world be like if everyone had the same ideas and passions as everyone else? *boring*
Be you, start building that dream. It can be scary at first, anything new always is. But what if that very thing you desire to do can change the world + people lives for the better?! wouldn’t that make all the fear, doubts, frowns from others, worth while?
Don’t let other opinions squash your calling and make light of your dreams.
Going after them may just be the very best decision you’ve ever made. You never know who’s gunna catch on to your vision and start building theirs from yours. That is exactly what happen with me in this coaching business. You can get lit by someone else’s fire which then creates a huge bonfire of your own 🔥 and it just keeps spreading.. if you have a desire like mine and love health + fitness + nutrition and wanna inspire others in those areas as well.. or solely just for your sake to become healthier.. #messageme I'd love to chat with you and help make those dreams a reality !!! ✨

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