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there's something so peaceful about working out while the sun is rising — today's mood lighting was giving me allll the feels 👌🏼
if getting my ass kicked for 30 minutes wasn't enough, the ending move was IRON LEGS (sorry bout cha) which is a killer plyo leg move ☠️ for the entire 60 second burn, i was repeating "lunge lunge squat CRISS CROSS" in my head 👀 and you best believe that by the end of those 60 seconds my legs were SHOT ... but no sore no glore, right? 👊🏼
challenge yourself to this move for 2 sets of 60 seconds, do you feel the burn? 🔥
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[[#EVENTALERT]] Up Next Ladies! @wimglobal Very Next Editon of WIM Wellness Featuring International Bestseller Eileen Anümani Santos during the 2nd Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week Philadelphia! Event includes Dinner, Workshop, Networking Oportunities, Meditation, Book signing and Photos with Eileen Anümani Santos! Workshop Description: "The Power of Leading from the Inside Out: Mastering Your Womanly Greatness to Become a Conscious Leader!” Society teaches women to play small, be invisible, and dim their light. And, what ensues are women believing that they have to pretend to be someone they’re not to fit in and be accepted, including in their roles as leaders in the world. Yet, the most successful leaders are those who show up authentically at home, within society, and in the workplace. In this workshop, we’ll investigate what might be holding you back from embracing the totality of your womanly greatness so you can be the soulful and conscious leader that you’re meant to be. Expect to be bold. Expect to be seen. Expect to be heard. Space is limited on purpose RSVP today || #WIMWellness #womeninmedia #leadershiptraining #specialevents #wim2017 #WIMPhilly #bestsellingauthor #dinnerworkshop #philly #PA #DE #NJ #NYC #womenempowerment

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