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외출시에는 꼭 입마개를, 없다면 쪽쪽이라도
오늘의 말랑말랑 꿀팁!
<강아지가 자기 발을 핥는 이유 3가지>
1. 알레르기 : 몸이 가려워서 접근이 용이한 발바닥을 핥아요
2. 발바닥이 불편할때 : 상처, 긴 발톱, 파우 사이에 돌
3. 습관 : 에너지는 넘치는데 소비할때가 없으니 하나의 습관화
I like hanging out in the tack room while Mom goes horseback riding..
Animals. They aren't just objects. They are living creatures. They have beating hearts, they feel pain, they have emotions, they are alive. A lot of the time we humans take for granted what we have received on this earth. We don't realize what is sitting right in front of us. It's not okay. Your actions can effect ones life tremendously, whether it's a humane or animal. We need to start thinking about how our actions effect lives of others. We can't own someone's or something's life. A lot of the time we say "I own these animals," I just recently pondered about why we do that, I mean we never say "I own this child." These lives aren't ours to own. They aren't objects. They aren't cars, hats, or clothes. They are lives. These animals pictured above and scared, lonely, and have lost hope. They don't know what it's like to live a life where you revive love, attention, warmth, kindness, and compassion. They don't know what a warm home with someone who actually cares for you feels like. We need to start taking actions and doing what we can to change that. I have a mission, and that mission is to rescue and love as many animals as I can. Help me rescue these poor animals. You can see their eyes coated in fear, you can see what they are going through. No animal deserves that. So help make a difference, and if you are unable to rescue them help me. Help me get them out of these homes and give them better ones. I can't do this without you so please donate anything you can. Honestly anything will help, and try not to say "I own them." Just go and give your pets extra loves and make their life as good as possible, and while your at it try and help make others lives as good as they can get. ❤️🐾 #adopt #rescue #bunny #abuse #animalabuse #bunnies #rabbitrescue #donate #help #rabbits #rabbit #pet #pets #vegan #love #bunniesofinstagram #animal #animals

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