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✍🏼 Confessions. I suck at writing. English isn't my first language. Writing a simple blog takes me daysss. But now with @medium 'Series' feature, i get to create a series of posts in "snapchat/IG stories" format. Except that they will never disappear! And the best thing about it, is I can always edit, add, update and republish
🙌🏻 Here's my first Series! "You Are Called To Create" is a compilation of my personal stories in my attempts to do business (without fully understanding what I was doing), the hard and expensive lessons I've learnt, and #quotestoliveby from really really good authors who have helped radically changed my mindset in what I do
👩🏻‍💻The goal is to help you realize some truths that will validate that deep desire in your souls to create. Maybe you've been thinkin about that business idea but not sure if you should pursue it. Perhaps you're not sure if you're on the right career path. Maybe this could be what you needed to hear? 🤷🏻‍♀️
☝🏻Download @medium app on your phone + search for "You Are Called To Create" with this cover on it. It's a work in progress so make sure you click 'follow' for my updates to feed your hungry soul x
Wanna know what I did 2 businesses ago before I started @paperprovision ? Check my SERIES! (See 2 previous posts). Click link in bio. Bared my soul open and shared my first experience in business. Garnished with cute iOS emojis on each page, you'll be sure to catch the "moments" as if you were in there with me. Enjoyyyyy! ✌🏻
What happens next????? Click the link in bio to read 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Only 10 mins read! Read it while u commute to work, take your lunch break, otw home, post dinner, or before bed 😉 Happy reading!
‘If you want to make a change, you should begin now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow might never come, we don’t know.”
Very wise words from Alex (26) who is trying to live his dream after he became orphan at 8y and had to survive in the rough&tough streets of Kenya for almost 20 years. He discovered what entertainment brings to your live: besides a bit of money also joy and attention. He started Kenyan Streetfamily Art, an initiative to get people - from young to old - off the streets and to learn to make music, to sing or to act. A great start of hopefully The House of Talent in the (near) future.
An interview as part of my reporters' trip to Kenya for @mensenmeteenmissie . As reporters we are hunting for stories to spread in order to create awareness on situations in Kenya: poverty, elections, inequality etc. (Link in bio) #100reporters
New prompt ideas!👇🏼✨
• Describe a moment, uplifting or challenging, that affected your outlook on mental health. What made that moment so influential and what did you learn as a result?
• Reflect on a misconception about mental health, mental illness, or suicide that has had an impact on you. How can you use your voice and experience to educate others about these misconceptions?
• Has there been someone in your life who's been a source of support at a time when you struggled with your mental health? What did their support look like and what did it mean to you? What would you want loved ones to know about your experience to best support you?
• What has your mental illness or experience with mental health taught you that you wouldn't have otherwise known?

We can't wait to share the powerful stories we have in store for you. These radiant, courageous individuals tackle depression, suicide loss, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, among other important topics.
Look out for our website launch NEXT MONTH! 💛
#narrativesofhope #ownyourstory
Let's get this finally started🙏🏻..
Manchmal wartet man auf den perfekten Moment um mit etwas anzufangen, und am Ende stellt man fest, das man ihn vielleicht schon verpasst hat..Kennt ihr das?🤦🏼‍♀️
Also starten wir jetzt mit diesen nicht perfekten -jedoch echtenFoto 👩‍❤️‍👩und das sind wir! Ungefiltert!📸Also Go for it 🙈 Wer wir sind,und über was wir "Bloggen" wollen, erfahrt ihr im nächsten Post❤️ also bleibt gespannt🙈. #hoffentlichwillesjemandwissen #morethanafashionblog #twogirls #followersneeded 🙈#starterpack #calledout #theeverygirls #personalstories #besties #creationinprogress #tobecontinued

Tell us about a RAK you've experienced, either from a stranger or a friend! How did it make you feel? Did you end up passing it on? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Tell us all about it!! #rak #randomactsofkindness #spreadthelove #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #personalstories #writer #editor #voiceover
roxmod 1d ago
If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me Too" as a status, we will get a sense of the magnitude of this problem and recognize how big it is. I admire the brave men and women coming forward and sharing their personal stories. It's very healing for all of us. It's finally time to begin to balance the female and male energies of this planet. #patriarchyisover It will happen. It is happening now. #metoo #nomore #change #evolution #love #balance #forgiveness #female #male #nowisthetime #personalstories #publicsafety #creativity
Life is all about change and my girl Megan is a great example of what can happen by making a simple choice to change.

3 months, 3 products, 40lbs lost - doesn’t get much simpler than that!
If she can do it, why not you? 🤔

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