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One shot of many great ones taken last night working on @keylacurls new batch of portfolio shots!
I chose to post this one because it was created in the weirdest way. @keylacurls has her face right up against the glass door of @primark so we could get a nice blue reflection in the glasses. If you could zoom it just a little, you’d see how ridiculous it looked.
But hey! We got this killer shot!
Raise the undead and live side by side with them.
24. From the Christmas before an identity crisis hit the following summer. Dappled sunshine from the trees in the sculpture garden at the museum felt great, and spending time with my family was a welcome break.
What a shoot! I’d love to know what you think of the shots I got with @keylacurls ! The actual photos will come in the following days. But here is a teaser :)
Had a great night shoot with @keylacurls last night! Very easy to work with. Which one is your favourite?

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