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Sending out mad birthday love to this girl. Thank you for understanding and living this 1/2 hippie 1/2 hood lifestyle with me. 29 looks tooooo good on you ❤️♑️ #birthdayqueen #capricorn #peepmyshoegame 🔥
Okay, so following up to my previous post I want to take full advantage of #InternationalSlothDay to hopefully enlighten you a bit more on the very mysterious creature that is, a sloth.
Sloths are actually, one of the most curious creatures on earth. They get discredited because people equate them with their name, meaning "lazy" in many languages, and don't see much of their value past a cute meme.
Sloths are a biological PHENOM. Are they really slow? Yes (and by the way, infant and toddler sloths move quite fast- they get slower as they get older, much like humans). Is their speed a disadvantage or curse? Surprisingly no.
Because sloths aren't equipped with high speed to run from predators or any other kinds of weapons, they rely on camouflage.
Most people know that sloths in the wild naturally have green-tinged fur due to the algae that grows on them. The algae offers sloths supplemental nutrients to their typical diet of exclusively leaves, sloth moths feed the algae, and the sloth climbs down it's tree once a week to the ground to defecate, and so the moths can lay their eggs on the ground.
A sloth is almost like a small, individual ecosystem which is cool af. However, when they climb down the tree to poop, they are also at the most risk from preadators.
Sloths main predators are jaguars, ocelots, and large birds like eagles. These animals track their prey visually. Sloth's slow moving speed actually HELPS them go unnoticed by these large predators, because they are virtually undetectable.
Animals like cheetahs, lions, horses, etc. are seen as majestic beasts for their high speed BUT sloths have survived nearly 64 million years moving at very sloooow rates, so obviously it's a winning strategy. #slowlife #peepmyshoegame #slothpoop

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