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Presenting the launch of the new Philippine Tourism campaign in the UAE with my bro @steveonthemic. Did you know that if you 'Bring a Friend Home' you yourself can win loads of prices including condos, cars, flight tickets etc. #gala #philippines #ambassador #pdot #aviareps #megastar #philippineairlines #presenter #media #tv #events
October 18 didn't really mean much of anything to us before last year. Just another day. One day closer to Halloween (my favorite holiday 🎃). Today it's 1 year since this boy's open heart surgery to repair his little heart. This day last year, we handed our baby boy over to Dr. Spray's team at CHOP, praying they'd give him back to us safely, with a patched heart, and a significantly better outlook for his life...and they did. No amount of thanks could really measure up to what they did for us that day. This day will always be important to us, not only because our little guy's heart was fixed for the time being, but because the amount of strength and resilience his little spirit showed us, because of the overwhelming support and concern from our families and friends that helped us get by that week, and because of the obstacles we were given to fully appreciate and find gratitude in each one of life's moments, big and small. So, happy heart day Theo. Happy one year of kicking open heart surgery's butt. We love you little man. ❤️

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