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Got to try my new Patton rotary from Saltwater Tattoo Supply yesterday. Every dime was well spent. Ive rarely had a machine feel so natural to my hand. Shaded and packed color like a beast. Did a little lining with it too; all done with carts and it didnt break a sweat. Whisper quiet and guys, my favorite aspect is the weight. I find most of the production rotaries too light. This is the perfect balance between form and function. As always, im never unimpressed when I see a box arrive from Tim Hendricks.

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User Image prodigalsontattoo Posted: May 5, 2017 6:21 PM (UTC)

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This just came in and I have a watercolor piece first thing today......he!! yeah! Cant wait.
#pattonmanufacturing #saltwatertattoosupply #pstchilly #prodigalsontattoo