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Last heavy lift till after Nov 18th. Wanted to hit this 637lbs with a hookgrip, but swipe to left to see the thumbs up, stopped short of losing he while thumb this time. Puts me 2lbs over my personal best without straps using a hook grip. Yes that is the #vintage #Teamnorton T-Shirt from 2010, still gives me super strength, in combo with the #americanhero #pattillman hat, I was unstoppable today. #istillsaluteyou
#beastrongasyoulook #bestronglookstrong #deadlift #strongman #powerlifting #bodybuilding #iifym #flexibledieting
Gridiron Greats Arizona State University Sun Devils Pat Tillman 1997 Rose Bowl Jersey Size 52. Brand New with Tags. Available on eBay. Seller: jerzeyzandthingz1.
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Mike O’Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Located near the Hoover Dam, this arch bridge spans the Colorado River. It is jointly named after the former Governor of Nevada and the American Hero, Pat Tillman. The wind was not blowing when I first pointed my camera at the flag but at the last minute, a small gust came through and caused the flag to wave at me. I would like to think that this gust was from Mr. Tillman. Thank you for your service, you will never be forgotten.
Dont stand up for whats right. Dont speak up. Dont expose truths. Unless you want to die.
#pattillman #nwo #cia
Let that sink in.

I've stated many times that I hold the utmost respect for the men and women in the #armedforces. They put their lives on the line, willingly. They leave their family's and alot don't see them ever again. It takes real currage to go ahead and do what they do.
What I don't respect is the lies they are told and brainwashing that goes on to get them there. Many if the people whom enter the armed forces, I believe enter with good intention. Only to be fed propaganda that leads them to fight the corporate elites battle for greed and power.
Take #pattillman for example. After #911 he joined the forces only to find out that one of the duties if the armed forces was to guard the #poppyfields in #afganistan. He then made the decision to leave the forces and lead the #antiwar #movement back in the states. Only to then be murdered before he had the chance to return home. (3 #nato friendly rounds was fired into his scull. )

After all they go through they then/if they return home they are faced with more problems than when they left.
#posttraumaticstress is just one of the challenges they face. Unable to find #employment mixing in with regular #society and often finding themselves #homeless.
They've put their lives on the line. And for what ?
Now ask yourselves this....
If the #corrupt #government can treat the very people whom put their lives on the line for them. What chance goes the world have?
I'm not even getting into the fact that as black men and women we are treated like this on a daily basis. Never mind your soldiers.
Seriously this just ain't on. It's time to #wakeup

To make matters worse they try to twist the #1stamendment right of #colinkeapernick to him as if he's disrespecting the armed forces. By doing this they are just feeding gas to fire in this #racewar they ( I believe) ate generating.
Don't be fooled by this. They know exactly what they are doing. Just remember they control the #media If they didn't want you to see what was going on then you wouldn't.
When living in the Seattle area, what better way to show off your asshole skills than to wear an Arizona State jersey to the course the day after they beat the 5th ranked Huskies? #golf #anythinggolf #golfing #golfislife #asshole #washingtongolf #washingtonstate #uwhuskies #arizonastate #pattillman #auburngolf #notafanofeither #pnw
Saw my lil cousin @dmainy8 yesterday it was a cold one. Shoutout my son @gq_rob fake asu legend for the Love they even tried to kick the Hurt Lord out for his #PETTIS jersey on the sideline. The ASU facility is fake dope. The season ain’t over yet tho ☔️☔️☔️☔️ #pattillman

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