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JUNE 1st - today's theme is something that makes you happy. How big or small. Can be traveling, an activity, your friends, or something like blueberry homemade pancakes made from scratch 😊😊😊 (so good!) Show us what makes you smile an tag it to #PastryLuvsSmiles #lovepastry
Drawing majes me happy:) i wish i could have put the whole drawing in the pic but instagram only lets you do so much but anyways i love drawing. It is on me of my fav things to do besides photography:) #pastryluvssmiles #lovepastry
#PastryLuvsSmiles #lovepastry me and @codysimpson in New York this makes me smile brcause it was a dream come true @lovepastry
Also #pastryluvssmiles #lovepastry @lovepastry My two younger syblings mean the world to me<3 yes we may not have the same father but I don't think of them at all as half sister/brother. I would be lost without these two. They mean the work to me. They can tell when I'm upset about something and they will end up cheering me right up<3.
#picstitch #pastryluvssmiles #lovepastry @lovepastry If I'm having a bad day or am just down about something, whenever seeing anyone wear these it makes me laugh. They will cheer up a bad day in a matter of two seconds<3
#pastryluvssmiles #lovepastry @lovepastry I love going to Disney and riding every single ride. Tower of Terror is one of my favorite rides.
A messy clock but Is picture of all your In Love Pastry @lovepastry :) I did it fast to day I feel bad that I didnt have a pair shoes at home so I went and fix this is little messy bu I gonna fix it! :D #iluvpastry