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Fy farao va glad man blir av sånt här!! ❤️ #parkbänksfilosofi
Typiska Australiensiska parkbänkar där man kan sätta sig ner och dricka en folla alltid vänd med ryggen mot gatan varför vet jag ej #parkbänksfilosofi #gatubänk
This amazing effect when going abroad that turns you into a child again. All the sudden you can't read or maybe even speak and you only have rudimentary feeling of how things work. Every activity turns into an adventure and you have a constant feeling of thrill, challenge and uncertainty! At the same time the feeling of loneliness is inseparable from being free. It's a drug! #parkbänksfilosofi
I think each place and person seen and loved is the beginning of a new branch sprouting out to expand your 💗! And heartache... that's just the feeling of this branch blooming. 🌸💔🌸 #parkbänksfilosofi
Man kan inte annat än le när man får spendera en heldag med bästis 😘👭 #parkbänksfilosofi