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dacodec 13h ago
Ohyea.. I was dating the cutest and loving #lilmexicanchicita —� that ain‘t her, though 🙈 That‘s a #monkey, not a #chicita!! A #monkeywithboobies 😲And we ate #streettacos! #besttacosintheworld
#TJ is #fun #everytime!#tijuanamakesmehappy. Alright - it‘s Also extremely
#dangerous, #filthy and propably bad for your health, I would say. Better keep going #southoftheborder, #Ensenada is nearby and they have #papasandbeer 👍🏻And much nicer beaches, too
I feel buff today guys🤗😂I think the carbs I ate today filled me up
Tag ur grandmas 💦❤️😂
What a weekend for the books. The only thing that can top it off is standing next to my boy @jryanfrink83 as he ties the knot with the beautiful @kattiawm1 in 2 weeks. So happy for ya brother and thanks for the epic weekend! #boozecruise #ensenada #papasandbeer
#WreckWed In this photo from 2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series driver Rodrigo Ampudia barrel rolls his truck during the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. For once my schedule works out where I am finally able to shoot a LOORRS race again as I will be out at the Challenge Cup on Sunday shooting. Will be fun to shoot what I still say is one of the most underrated sports out there for spectator excitement. Guarantee I will get multiple #wreckwednesday posts in my one day out there....
If you're familiar with Papas&Beer, you've heard @davidfriasdj sets 🎵🎶🙌🏼 .
Come see him LIVE! This Saturday from 5pm-10pm in Hollywood 🌃 .
5426 Flemish Lane
Los Angeles, Ca 90029 .
VAL MARTIN SHOWCASE PARTY 🎉💕🛍 Don't miss it! .
#whatmakesyoutravel #liveperformance #djdavidfrias #valmartin #hollywood #papasandbeer