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As we patiently wait for James, Tracey, and Mama OH to arrive, me & Papa OH decided to roam through the streets of Myeongdong and crush the street food scene. #papaOH #fatherandson #seoultrain #seoul #myeongdong
Family portrait 👪 just 9 days until we find out what you are my wonderful! ✨ #papaoh #mamaoh #babaoh
Me and Papa OH hanging out on Father's Day while Mama OH is at her retreat. Happy Fathers to all the fathers out there. #papaOH #fathersday
Pai hoje um dia especial,dia como qqr outro d dizer eu te amo,o senhor sabe disso pq já lhe falei muitas vezes,mas sabe ainda vejo o senhor como meu herói #papaoh
Nossa trocaria tudo para ser criança e o senhor brincar cmg, nosso tempo juntos não mudou nada, continua do msm jeito,o meu maior orgulho e dizer que você seu #Maurao é o melhor pai e avô do mundo te amo
Papa OH is an avid golfer who has consistently played every Sunday for the past 25 years until an injury he had sustained back in November. I hated seeing my dad on the side lines undergoing months therapy and the seeing side effects of his medication. .
Growing up, I thought he was always invincible ...........Well looks like he still is because last week, he stepped foot on the golf course for the first time in months and hits a HOLE IN ONE! He was even mentioned in the Korean newspapers. I'm glad my father has his mojo back and I am proud of his determination. I'm thankful for Emory Hospital of taking care him. Papa OH is my hero #love #papaOH
oericay 40w ago
Papa Oh capturing exceptional skies with his giant ass camera. Do you know what all those dials are for?... #sandiego #papaoh
Papa OH's Birthday celebration continues but this time at the farm. He requested me to smoke this 20 pounder for his Birthday. Happy Birthday again Pops. Love ya #papaOH #whohasbirthdaymonths?! #porkshoulder #chefOH
innaoh 56w ago
(Circa 2007, our annual camping trip)
Happy birthday to my appa ♡ He would have turned 55 today, and I wish he was here so that I can hug and tell him this in person. I lost my dad very unexpectedly, due to a doctor's fatal mistake.
I still remember that morning when I last saw him like it was yesterday. An ordinary morning routine as always, but that evening, he passed away from an allergic reaction to the penicillin shot given by his doctor for his strep throat.
Appa and I were very close, and I always imagined him to be by my side for everything - my college graduation, introduction of boyfriend, first job, wedding... just everything. He was only 49 when he passed away, and who knew that he would be gone so early?
Do me a favor everyone! Hug your dad, mom, grandparents... show them how much you love them before it's too late. 👨👩👧👦
#사랑해요 #우리아빠 #happybirthday #lunarcalendar #0816 #0916 #daddysgirl #꿈에서라도좀나와주지
Hello papa dudut. Gusto ko po sanang ikwento ang buhay ko haha joke. Pasaway po ako, ayaw mo ipost ko ito pero pinost ko pa rin haha peace po.
Go slsu! Joke! Haha