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User Image salazzle Posted: Jan 23, 2018 6:09 PM (UTC)

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Tired of Instagram’s hypocrisy on Gore, Nudity and hate speech. There are now a large amount of pages that have incredibly violent and gory content which I used to post and get reported for, I have had accounts taken down. But not only have I followed a certain page for a while, it’s also public and has 100,000 followers posting nothing but gore and murders. I’ve also seen people getting deleted for posting tits and such but so many Hentai accounts post full nudity and get away with it for a long time. Heck, people get away with tiddies on other pages yet people like Revvy and RWR get banned? And finally there are active lgbt, blm, and feminist pages actively supporting the killing of a US President or the spread of racism against Jewish people (lots of BLM “woke” people are hugely anti-Semitic) or white people. Yet pages that post memes with the nigger word are banned for hate speech? I’m not asking you to report any pages. Please don’t. But this is blatant favoritism by Instagram and it’s gross. #papafranku #memes #filthyfrank #hypocrite #fixinstagram

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