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I am not beautiful but no matter what you say i believe to my mother that i'am beautiful😁😁😁 #notsobeautiful
In english Cave😋😋😋
Finalmente ho trovato una camicia adatta a me: senza colletto.... io e Maurizio Costanzo abbiamo una cosa in comune...o meglio, non abbiamo: il collo..
Ps: però così sembro un prete..
So I got reminded today that I have another anniversary to celebrate. "It's also your 1yr of being my daddy, Daddy." I love watching you grow and being a part of your life. You have brought so much love, light and laughter into my life with your silly comments, flo jokes and pearls of wisdom. I'll always love and protect you. #Pango #OurAnniversary #1yrOfFun #HeresToManyMore. @mishiemar
May ilong naman ako eh. Maliit lng tlga. Kahit side view. Hahaahaha 😅😅😅 #pinoy #pango 😅 sunny afternoon sunday!! 😎😊❤ #sunday #famday #restday